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Homeopathic Medicine for Scarlet Fever

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Scarlet Fever

It is an infectious disease with fever, sore-throat and red rash. Eruptions appear in the form of bright red (scarlet) blotches. Eruptions appear, the first day on the face and neck; the second day on the breast and region of the stomach and the third day on the arms, hands and limbs. It generally terminates in five or six days.


Belladonna is the specific remedy for this disease, which is cured by its use alone, except complicated cases.

Face bright red, hot.

Intense heat, burns the hand.

Throat bright red, painful, swallowing difficult.

Strawberry tongue.

Glossy scarlet skin.

Eye red, injected.

It is also prophylactic to scarlet fever.


R.T. is most useful remedy in a dynamic (attended with great debility, prostration) forms of scarlet fever.

Child is restless and drowsy.

Fauces dark-red with oedema.

Tongue red and smooth with triangular red tip.

Eruption doesn’t come out well and when it does come out it is miliary.

Better from warmth.

APIS 6, 30

High fever.


Mouth and throat red.

Tongue blistered.

Scanty urine.

Miliary rash.


Face, pale, puffy.

Great inflammation of throat, with sharp stinging pain.

Worse from warmth, wants covers off, a cool, room (reverse of Bell., Bell. wants warmth).


Am. carb is also a useful remedy in scarlet fever.

Throat swollen internally and externally.

The glands are enlarged.

The tonsils are swollen and bluish.

Face dusky and puppy.



Lach. is useful in advanced stages of scarlet fever. It suits cases more a dynamic than those calling for Rhus Tox.

The child is drowsy and the rash comes out imperfectly and slowly.

Throat inflamed, worse left side, may extend to right.

Cervical glands are swollen.

Tongue is dirty yellow purple face.

Loquacious delirium.


It is useful in severe cases of scarlet fever.

Eruptions dark and purplish.

Irregular, patchy eruption of very livid color.

Throat livid, swollen.

Tonsils swollen with deep ulcers.

Tongue dry, parched, cracked.

Excoriating nasal discharge.

Drowsiness and prostration.

Stools thin, bloody and offensive.


Often indicated in dropsy after scarlet fever.


Bryo. is useful when—

Tardy development of the rash, occurring in blotches and resembling that of measles or a disappearing rash.

Tongue coated yellowish, dark brown.

Bursting headache in temples.

Thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals.

Sharp pain in chest while coughing.

Patient lies quietly, doesn’t want to be disturbed.

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