Homeopathic Medicine for Tonsillitis

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ACONITE 30, 200

Aco. is the best remedy at the onset, but this stage is generally passed without treatment.


Aco. is indicated in the acute cases when the attack comes suddenly after an exposure to dry cold air, exposure to draughts of cold air while perspiring.

It should be administered just as soon as the patient realizes that he is taking cold. Throat dry, very red.

Tonsils swollen, hot, dark red.

Pain and great difficulty in swallowing.

Burning and pricking pain in throat. Violent cough.

Anxiety, restlessness and soreness are the leading symptoms.


  1. P. is very similar to Aconite and may be used when the onset is less sudden and violent and when there is no anxiety and restlessness.

Fauces red, inflamed.

Tonsils red and swollen.

Great pain in swallowing.

There may be high fever.


This is one of the chief remedies at the commencement, when the case has passed the stage where Aconite or F. P. would be indicated.

It is indicated in the beginning, when the throat is bright red, and swollen, particularly the right one extends to left.

Difficulty in swallowing liquids (more difficult than solids)

Great dryness of fauces and throat.

Sensation in the throat as if it were too narrow.

Ulcers form rapidly on tonsils.

There may be high fever with little or no thirst.

If. Bell. fails to reduce inflammation before suppuration commences, it is followed well by Hep. Sul.

HEPAR SULPH. 30, 200

Hep. S. is not indicated in the beginning of the disease. It is used after Bell., when the sharp, sticking, lancinating pains with throbbing and chill indicate the beginning of suppuration. It may even then prevent suppuration and abscess formation when given in the beginning of that process.

It is useful when there is splinter like pain in the throat when swallowing.

Stitching pain in throat extending to ear.

Patient is very sensitive to cold air. Hep. is useful in tendency to frequent recurrence of tonsillitis with hardness of hearing.


Bar. Carb. is one of the best remedies for the prevention of recurrence of tonsillitis. It is very useful in cases where cold settles in the tonsils. It changes the constitution of the patient.

According to Huges Bar. Carb. is one of the prominent remedies for acute tonsillitis. Huges used 6th potency.

Like Belladonna it has affinity for the right side.

Tonsils enlarged, inflamed, red, swollen and painful.

The enlargement is so great that there will be sensation of plugging in throat, which causes difficulty in swallowing.

Due to the enlarged tonsils there is change in the voice with much burning and irritation in throat.

Can only swallow liquids.

Spasm of esophagus as soon as food enters esophagus causes gagging and choking.

Tonsillitis affected by every cold or worse menses.


It is one of the most useful remedies at the beginning of an attack, especially of catarrhal tonsils.

Throat dry, burning, swollen throat painful to touch.

Acute tonsillitis, right tonsil much swollen.

Tonsils dark, red, ulcerated.

Constant aching pains.

Sharp stitches towards the ear on swallowing, cannot swallow even water.

Sensation as if a ball of red hot iron has lodged in throat.

Burning pain in tonsils, worse from warm drinks.

CANTHARIS 6, 30, 200

Throat inflamed with intense burning, feels on fire, swallowing is very difficult, especially liquids.

Aphthous ulcers on right tonsil and back part of fauces covered with a whitish, adherent crust.

Constant and intense pain at back of the throat.

APIS 6, 30, 200

Dryness of throat and heat without thirst.

Tonsils inflamed, swollen, puffy, fiery red.

Deep ulcers on tonsils and palate.

Throat purple, stinging pain in tonsils, while swallowing, better cold drinks.

Throat sore, swallowing, painful, worse on taking solids and warm drinks, better by cold drinks.

Sensation of foreign body or fish bone in the throat.

Oedematous swelling, pains, like bee-stings, burning worse heat and absence of thirst are the indicating symptoms of this remedy.

Patient requires doors and windows to be opened.


Tonsillitis with smarting, burning pain.

Hot feeling in fauces.

Pain and dryness in throat extending to ears.

Intense soreness, constriction of throat and burning.

Throat inflamed, dark red, swollen.

Pain in throat when not swallowing.

Chill or shuddering after every drink.

Nose and cheeks red and cold.


Tonsils swollen, particularly the left one and the swelling travels to the right tonsil. (opp. Lyco.)

Throat is bluish red.

Sensation of a lump in the left side of the throat, which seems to go down.

Pain in the throat when swallowing liquids than while swallowing solids. Pain worse from hot drinks.

Empty swallowing worsens the pain in the throat more than swallowing food.

Foods are swallowed with less pain than solids.


Lyco. is indicated when the disease starts in the right side and extends to the left (opp. Lach.)

Swelling and suppuration of tonsils. Ulceration of tonsils, beginning on right side.

Chronic enlargement of tonsils.

Sore throat, better by cold drinks.


Tonsillitis. Symptoms change repeatedly from side to side.

Pain worse empty swallowing.

Throat every sensitive to external touch.

Throat dry, husky, as if scalded.

BAPTISIA 30, 200

Tonsils and parotids are swollen.

Dark redness of tonsils and soft palate.

Constriction, contraction of esophagus.

Constrictive feeling in the throat.

Great difficulty in swallowing solid food.

Can swallow liquids only.

Frequent inclination to swallow, which causes pain at root of tongue.

Painless sore-throat, tonsillitis, in an extremely bad throat is a characteristic of Baptisia.


Merc. Sol. is rarely of service at the onset. It is useful when pus has formed.

Great swelling, whole fauces deep red. Tonsils darker than any other part.

Ulcers form.

Saliva tenacious.

Stinging pains and difficult breathing from the swelling, worse at night. Bad smell from mouth.

Profuse sweat without relief.

Tongue is moist, yet there is intense thirst. Too much of saliva, which is soapy or stringy.

The odor of the mouth is very offensive.

NITRIC ACID 6, 30, 200

Tonsils are swollen, red and small ulcers are on them.

Great dryness and heat in the throat.

Splinter like pain in the throat appear suddenly and disappear suddenly.

GELSEMIUM 6, 30, 200

Tonsillitis. Tonsils swollen.

Throat feels rough, burning.

Difficult swallowing, especially of warm food.

Pain in throat extending to the ear.

PHYTOLACCA 6, 30, 200

It is useful when

Tonsils swollen, especially right.

Tonsils large, bluish, ulcerated.

Great dryness of throat.

Throat feels hot. Smarting.

Sensation of a ball in throat.

Sensation of scraping and rawness in throat.

Pain in throat, extends to ears when swallowing.

Cannot drink hot drinks.


K.M. is almost specific in follicular tonsillitis.

Acute and chronic swelling of tonsils.

Tonsils inflamed, enlarged; so much that patient can hardly breath. Swallowing excessively painful.

Greyish patches or spots in the throat and tonsils.

Hawks out thick white mucus.


Sore-throat from damp, cold weather.

Tonsillitis from every cold change.


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