Homeopathic Remedies for Aneurism

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It is a circumscribed dilation of the artery, the consequence of disease or injury to its wall. The symptoms vary with the size and position of the artery affected. It pulsates and communicates a thrill to the examining palm, so long as the blood inside does not clot. At this time, the pulsation can be stopped by compressing the vessel above and augmented by presing the vessels below the seat of the aneurism. Syphilis, alcohol, rheumatism, over-exertion are the usual causes.



Baryta Carb. 3x (gr. v.), Ars. Iod, 3x, Calc. Phosph. 2x, Kali Iod. Ө, Cratoegus 0. Keep the patient lying down free and easy in mind and restrict his fluid intake to only a few ounces.


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