Homeopathic Remedies for Complications of Delivery

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Complications of Delivery

  • Rupture: The space between the vagina and rectum is ruptured or lacerated mostly in cases of first delivery. It requires the help of a skilful surgeon to mend it. Calendula lotion (10 drops in 2 oz. of water) may be applied.
  • After-pains: These are sometimes troublesome, Arnica 3x cures them. But if the mother is irritable or neurotic in temperament, give chamomilla If Arnica fails, give Gels. 30, Coffea 3 or Secale 30.
  • Haemorrhage: Keep the patient lying down with head low and feet raised. Firmly knead the uterus and give an intra-uterine douche or water at 120°F. Give her Sabina 3x or Hamamelis Later on, for weakness, give China 6 and for headache, Ferrum 6.
  • Unconsciousness: If associated with collapse Rubini’s Spt. Camphor Ó¨. If unconsciousness comes on after slight movements or is associated with cold sweat on forehead, Alb. 6. If due to bleeding, China 6, or Carbo Veg. 30. If fits of unconsciousness come on pretty frequently or last long, Stramonium 3x. If due to trauma, Arnica 3x-3. If due to fear, Aconite 3x or Coffea 6.
    If patient cannot swallow medicines let her inhale them. Give light nutritious diet (milk and barley, etc.).
  • Convulsions: (Eclampsia) This is a terrible complication and is characterized by repeated convulsions of increasing frequency and severity and sleeping coma. Its cause is not known; Probably toxaemia of Pregnancy. During premonitory stage, Hyoscyamus During fits, Bell. 6 or Acid Hydrocyanic 6. After fits stop, and if mental derangement persists, Opium 30. If the convulsions are preceded by fever and thirst, Aconite 3x. If convulsions are associated with cold clammy sweat, full quick pulse and delirium, Verat. Viride 1x.
  • Sudden stoppage of perspiration: Dulcamara 3, Chamomilla
  • Weakness: China 3, Acid Phosphoric
  • Insomnia (without any apparent cause) Coffea
  • If no urine is passed within 12 hours: Aconite 3x every 12 minutes. If 4 doses fail, 3 every half an hour, upto 3 doses, then Equisetum 1x.
  • Constipation: If absolutely no stool within 48 hours and if pain is felt in abdomen, Collinsonia 2x, or Alb. 3.
  • Diarrhoea: Hyoscyamus 3, 3.
  • Piles: 6 internally and Hamamelis Ó¨ (1 in 20 of water) locally.
  • Lochia: Usually bright red blood is passed in the first two or three days; then it becomes pale, then watery and finally purulent matter comes out before the discharge ceases—about 3 weeks’ time. If, however this discharge (called lochia) persists unduly long. Secale If scarlet blood is passed for a long time, Sabina 3x. If lochia suddenly ceases, Aconite 3x. If it smells ill, Kreosote 3 or Carbo Veg. 6 internally and Calendula lotion Ó¨ (1 in 20 of water) to irrigate thrice daily.

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