Homeopathic Remedies for Diseases of The Breast Following Delivery

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Diseases of The Breast Following Delivery

[Every pregnant woman should take care that the nipples do not get pressed on by tight jackets; in fact the nipples should be drawn out regularly every day and kept clean. Chafing, cracking and ulceration of the nipples are to be prevented at all costs. As soon after delivery as possible, the child should be put to the breast. It is a good rule to squeeze out one drop of milk before giving suck to the child and to wash the nipples in plain water after each act of suckling. The diet of the mother, the condition of her health and especially of her bowels and the state of her mind influence the quality of her milk; hence a nursing mother should eat only plain food, avoid night-keeping; have regular evacuations of her bowels and keep her mind cheerful].

Milk-Fever (so-called): This is a mild form of sepsis and rarely lasts beyond 24 hours. It calls for no treatment; but the child should not have the mother’s milk, so long as the fever lasts. If, however, the fever lasts over 24 hours, give Aconite 3x; if the breasts remain hard, give Bryonia 6 as long as they remain so.


Mastitis: This is due to bacterial infection. The breast swells, becomes hard and painful. If the whole breast is inflamed, Bryo. 6. Some give Bryo. and Bell, alternately at the commencement and give Acon, and Bryo if there is fever. This is said to abort the disease. If the inflammation does not abate but suppuration threatens, Merc. Sol. 6. If pus forms, Hepar Sulph. 3x-30. To hasten cure, Phos. 6. If the breast is very much indurated, Phytolacca 30 internally and Phytolacca Ө (Vi dr. in 1 oz.) locally applied. Swelling induration and severe pain, especially in left side, associated with ovarian or uterine troubles, Cimicifuga 30.

Sore Nipples: Apply Calendula Ө lotion (1 dr. in 2 oz. of water). If small pimples form on the nipples, give Graphites 6 internally.

Painful Nipples: Pain is felt during suckling Phelandrium 3. Pain of a neuralgic character is felt from nipple to shoulder Croton Tig. 3.

Lactational Exhaustion: The mother feels weak after nursing China 6.

Too much milk: If the breasts secrete much, Natrum Sulph. 12x (trit.) or Puls. 3. Apply paste of masoor dal.

Too little milk: If no milk appears within 24 hours of delivery, Agnus Castus 3x. If milk flow suddenly decreases or stops, Asafoetida 3. Kolmi sak taken internally and decoction of Bharenda leaves as local wash have the same effect. If milk decreases owing to anger, Chamomilla 6, If to fear, Acon. 6. If to envy, Hyoscyamus 6. If to grief, Ignatia 6.

Overflow of milk: Borax 3 (trit.) Calc, Carb. 6. China 6. Wash the nipples daily with cold water.

Induration of Breast: From accumulation of milk: Bryonia 2.

Threatening suppuration of breasts: Bryonia 6 every 3 hours, usually aborts it. If there is no benefit within 3 hours, give Phytolacca 2x every 3 hours and apply its lotion (5 drops of Ө in 1 oz. of hot water). If even this fails (i.e., pus forms), give Hepar 6-30 and apply warm poultice. If sinus forms, Silicea 6-30.


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