Homeopathic Remedies for Some Nose-Troubles and Their Remedies

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Some Nose-Troubles and Their Remedies

Allium Cepa 6Profuse watery discharge; sneezing on entering a warm room.

Ammon. Carb. 6—Stuffing of nose at night; ulcer in nostrils; bloody or mucous discharge; tip of nose is red; bleeding from nose early in the morning while washing the face.


Arg. Nitric 6—Itching of nose; bleeding from nose on slightest provocation.

Arsenic 6—Hot mucous discharge; stuffing of nostrils.

Sepia 30—Chronic catarrh from nostrils, almost all the year round.

Teucrium 6—Nasal obstruction, due to misfit of spectacle-bridge.

Aurum Met. 3x (trit.)30—Ulcer or itching of nostrils, with foul-smelling sanious discharge.

China 3x—Constant itching of nostrils.

Euphrasia ӨProfuse nasal secretion.

Hepar Sulphur 6—Nasal ulcers.

Kali Bichrom. 3—Foetid sticky mucous discharge; ulceration of nose; loss of sense of smell.

Mercurius 3—Ulceration of nasal bone; sticky, greenish purulent discharge.

Nux Vomica 3—Both nostrils are patent during the day but one of them becomes stuffed at night.

Pulsatilla 3—Yellowish-green discharge; loss of taste and smell; a sense of suffocation in warm room.


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