Homeopathic Remedies for Strangury

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It means a severe and urgent urging for making water, though the actual passage or urine is only in drops or not at all.

Causes: Stone in the bladder, gonorrhoea, nephritis, uterine discharges, worms, etc.



If attended with much pain and smarting, give Spt. Camphor Ө (m. 2—4) on a lump of sugar, every 10 or 15 minutes; also give it if due to overdose of Cantharis. If it is simple strangury Bell. 3. Frequent urging to urinate with cutting pain and pain in abdomen and burning pain in urethra during passage of urine: Cantharis 6. Due to swelling of extremities and of penis: Apis Mel. 6. Due to exposure to cold Acon. 3x. Due to living in damp places Dulc. 3—30.

Apply hot fomentation or make him sit in a bath of hot water. Let him drink water freely.

Diet: —Milk and barley-gruel.


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