Homeopathic Remedies for Tonsillitis

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Tonsils (one on each side of throat) are glands, situated at the root of the tongue. They get inflammed there being bad teeth or unhealthy gums present in the mouth or from inhaling bad smells. This inflammation is attended with constitutional symptoms viz., fever, rigor, headache, pain in the joints, hoarse voice, salivation difficulty in swallowing or even breathing. If neglected they may get ulcerated or even an abscess may form on them. If allowed to get chronic, they become enormously big and make breathing an effort.



(In acute cases) If right tonsil is inflamed, Bell, 3x; if this fail Merc. 3. If pus forms, Hepar Sulphur 6. If left tonsil is inflamed, Lachesis 6-30. In simple enlargement Calc. Iod. 3, Baryta Carb. 6. A valuable remedy in chronic conditions where the tonsils are very much enlarged, Baryta Mur. 6, Merc. Sol. 6. Difficulty in swallowing and sensation of something sticking in them; threatened suppuration or gangrene; Calc. Phos. 3. Swelling is great; urine is foul smelling and smoke-coloured, uvula enlarged Calc. Carb. 6. Night sweat; extremities cold and clammy. Try also—Apis 2, Phytolacca 3x. Silicea 6, Sulphur 30, Ignatia 6, Kali Iod. 3, Thuja 30 (if associated with vaccination), Baccillinum 30 (if there is history of phthisis in the family) and Psorinum 30. Gargle frequently with tepid water.


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