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General Diseases

Diseases that affect the blood or all the organs of the body are classified as general diseases.

Homeopathic Medicine for Influenza

Influenza ARSENIC ALBUM 6, 30, 200 It should be given when there are: Nose feels stuffed up all the time, yet it discharges a thin watery fluid. Frequent violent sneezing, but sneezing does not give any relief. Sneezing does not…

Homeopathic Medicine for Dengue

Dengue Break-bone fever. It is an acute, infectious disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, where the patient suffers a high fever. Pain in bone, joints and muscles, headache and rash. EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM 30, 200 Eup. perf. is very useful…

Homeopathic Medicine for Fevers

Fevers ACONITE 30, 200 Very high temperature. Fever comes on suddenly and violently. Skin is dry and hot with burning sensation. Hard, full and rapid pulse. Constant physical and mental restlessness, tossing about in bed, but…

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