Homeopathic Drug Relationship

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Potentized Homoeopathic medicines can be roughly grouped into three classes in respect of their action, viz.—

Remedies that follow well a remedy


In keeping up or finishing the work done by the principal remedy, some of these helpful medicines are really complementary—i.e. they finish the work started by the principal remedy. These complementary ones have been stated in the list that follows. As for example ‘Aloe’ is followed well by ‘Kali Bichrom.’ Sepia, Sulphuric Acid, Sulphur*. The plain meaning of this statement is that Kali Bichrom., etc. do not neutralize but keep and often times complete the therapeutic action started by Aloe. Regarding Sulphur, the complementary remedy that has been marked with an asterisk, one has to remember that it finishes the action of Aloe. Very often a complementary medicine may precede the principal remedy.

Inimical or incompatible remedies

The use of any of these after the principal remedy has been applied, is harmful; such a procedure renders the disease complicated and treatment difficult. Thus, Allium Sativa, if given after Aloe, not only partially undoes the action of Aloe, but foists upon the system its own characteristic symptoms and renders worse.

Antidotal Remedies

An accidental overdose of any remedy, acts as a poison on the system. To destroy or neutralize such poisoning symptoms, certain remedies are very effective. Thus, if Aloe has been over-dosed, the use of Camphor, Lycop., Nux will neutralize the baneful effects of Aloe. Dr. Clarke gives two instances in support of drug relationship. One of his case was being successfully piloted through by the help of Calcarea when somebody gave Bryonia—a drug that is inimical to the action of Calcarea and the case was irretrievably lost. Dr. Clarke had once taken Natrum Muir. 200 and had been getting vague symptoms of illness, this was easily anti-doted by inhaling only one dose of Nitri Spiritus Dulcis.


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