Homeopathic Drugs: Their Potencies and Duration of Action

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The following table gives at a glance in the four succeeding columns: –

  1. full name of each drug
  2. its abbreviated name
  3. the potencies or dilutions in general use
  4. duration of action of the potentized drug

Regarding the last item, it is held by Miller that the duration of action depends both on the state of health of the patient and on the nature of the disease. And Jahr lays down that in the gross, in any acute disease the duration of the drug is from 5 minutes to 48 hours and in chronic disease, 5 to 8 days. The period laid down, therefore, in the fourth column are mere averages.

Note: – β€˜d’ indicates day, ‘h’ indicates hour, and β€˜wks’ indicates weeks.

Drugs Abbreviated Name Potencies Duration of Action
Abrotanum Abrot. 3β€”20
Acid Aceticum Ac. Acet. 3β€”30 14β€”20d.
Acid Carbonicum Ac. Carb. 1β€”200 40β€”60d.
Acid Fluoricum Ac. Fluor. 1β€”6 30d.
Acid Hydrocyanic Ac. Hydro. 1β€”3
Acid Muriatic Ac. Mur. 1β€”6 35d.
Acid Nitric Ac. Nit. 3xβ€”30 40β€”65d.
Acid Oxalic Ac. Oxal. 3β€”30
Aconitum Napellus Acon. Nap. 3xβ€”30 Β½β€”48h.
Actaea Racemosa Actea Rac. Σ¨β€”30 8β€”12d.
Actaea Spicata Actea Sp 3 1hβ€”21d.
Aelaps Corallinus Aelaps. 6β€”30
Aesculus Hippocast Aescu. Σ¨β€”3 30d.
Aethusa Aethusa 3β€”30 20β€”30d.
Agave Americana Agave 9
Agaricus Musc. Agar. 3β€”200 40d.
Agnus Castus Agnus 1β€”6 8β€”14d.
Allium Cepa All. Cep. 1β€”6 1h.β€”1d.
Allium Sativa All. Sat. 3β€”6
Aloe Socotrina Aloe. 1β€”200 30β€”40d.
Alstonia Constricta Alston. 9β€”3x 40β€”60d.
Alumina Alum. 6β€”30
Alumen Alumen 1β€”30 Long duration
Ambra Grisea Ambra 2β€”3 40d.
Ammonium Carb. Am. Carb. 3β€”30 50d.
Amyl Nitric. Amyl Nit. 1xβ€”30
Anacardium Orient. Anac. 3β€”6 30β€”40d.
Anthraxinum Anthra 30
Antimonium Crudum Antim Crud. 3β€”6 40d.
Antimo. Tartaricum Antim Tart. 3β€”30 20β€”30d.
Apis Mellifica Apis Mel. ΖŸβ€”30
Apiurn Virus Apium 2β€”30
Argentum Nitricum Arg. Nit. 3β€”30 30d.
Argentum Metallicum Arg. Met. 3β€”6 21h.β€”20d.
Arnica Montana Arn. Mont. 9β€”200 6β€”lOd.
Arsenicum Album Ars. Alb. 3xβ€”200 30β€”40d.
Arsenicum Iod. Ars. Iod, 3xβ€”3. Not to be given with water.
Ars. Sulph. flavum Ars. Sulph. 3β€”6
Arum Triphyllum Arum 3β€”30 1β€”2d.
Asafoetida Asaf. 1β€”30 30β€”40d.
Atropine Atrop. 2
Arum Mur. Nat. Aur. M. N. 2β€”3
Arum Metallicum Aur. Met. 3xβ€”30 50β€”60d.
Avena Sativa. Avena Sat. e
Bacillinum Bacill. 30β€”200
Badiaga Badi. 1β€”6
Baptisia Bapt. Σ¨β€”30
Baryta Carb. Bary. Carb. 3β€”30 40d.
Baryta Muriaticum Bary. Mur. 3
Belladonna Bell. 3xβ€”30 1β€”7d.
Beilis Perennis Beilis. Σ¨β€”3
Berberis Vulgaris Berb. Σ¨β€”6 20β€”30d.
Bismuth Bismuth 1β€”6 20β€”50d.
Blatta Orientalis Blatta 0β€”6x
Borax Borax 1β€”3 30d.
Bovista Bovista 3β€”6 7β€”14d.
Bromium Brom. 1β€”3 20β€”30d.
Bryonia Bryo. 1β€”30 7β€”21d.
Bufo Bufo 6
Cactus Grandiflorus Cact. G. Σ¨β€”30 7β€”10d.
Cadmium Sulph. Cadmi. 3β€”30
Calcarea Arsenicum Calc. Ars. 3xβ€”30
Calcarea Carbonica Calc. Carb. 6β€”30 60d.
Calcarea Fluorica Calc. Fl. 2β€”12
Calcarea Iodata Calc. Iod. 2β€”3
Calcarea Phosphorica Calc. Phos. 1xβ€”200 60d.
Calcarea Sulphurica Calc. Sulph. 2β€”6x
Calendula Calend. Σ¨β€”3
Camphor Camph. Σ¨β€”3x 1hβ€”1d.
Cannabis Indica Can. Ind. Σ¨β€”3
Cannabis Sativa Can. Sat. Σ¨β€”12 1β€”10d.
Cantharis Canth. 3xβ€”30 30β€”40d.
Capsicum Caps. 3β€”6 (Ɵ in milk) 7d.
Carbo Animalis Carbo Ani. 3β€”30 40β€”60d.
Carbo Vegetabilis Carbo Veg. 1β€”30 40β€”60d.
Carduus Marianus Carduus 0β€”3x
Carsinocin Carci. 30β€”200
Caulophyllum Caulo. Σ¨β€”3
Causticum Caust. 3β€”30 50d.
Ceanothus Americanus Cean. Am. Σ¨β€”1
Cedron Cedron 0β€”6
Chamomilla Cham. 1β€”30 20β€”30d.
Chelidonium Chelid. Σ¨β€”3x 7β€”14d.
Chimaphilla Chima. Σ¨β€”3
Chenopodium Anthel. Chenop. 3
China Officinalis China Σ¨β€”30 7d.
Chininum Sulph. Chin. Sulph. 1xβ€”30
Cicuta Virosa Cic. V. 3β€”30 35β€”40d.
Cimex Cimex 6β€”200
Cimicifuga Racemosa Cim. Rac. See Actaea Racemosa
Cina Cina 2β€”200 14β€”20d.
Cinchona See China β€”
Cinnabaris Cinnab. 1β€”3
Cineraria Maritima Succus Cin. M. Succ. Ɵ
Cistus Cistus 1β€”30
Clematis Erecta Clemat. 3β€”30 14β€”20d.
Chloral Hydrate Chloral Hyd. 1β€”6
Cobra or Naja Cobra (Naja) 6β€”30
Cocculus Indicus Cocc. 3β€”30
Coccus Cacti Coccus 1xβ€”30
Coffea Cruda Coffea 3β€”200 7d.
Colchicum Colchi Σ¨β€”30 14β€”20d.
Collinsonia Can. Collin Σ¨β€”200 30d.
Colocynth Coloc. 3β€”30 50d.
Condurago Condu. Σ¨β€”1x
Conium Conium 3β€”30 30β€”50d.
Copaiva Coapiva 1β€”3
Corallium Rubrum Coral 3β€”30
Crataegus Ox. Cratae. Σ¨
Crocus Sativa Crocus S. Σ¨β€”30 3d.
Crotalus Horridus Crotal. 3β€”6 30d.
Croton Tiglium Croton T. 3xβ€”6 30d.
Cubeba Cubeb. 2β€”3
Cuprum Aceticum Cup. Acet. 3β€”6
Cuprum Arsenicum Cup. Ars. 2β€”3
Cuprum Metallicum Cup. Met. 6β€”30 8β€”50d.
Cyclamen Cyclam. 3 14β€”20d.
Digitalis Digit. 3β€”30 10β€”50d.
Dioscorea Diosc. Σ¨β€”3 1β€”7d.
Diphtherinum Diphth. 30β€”200
Dolichos Pruriens Dolichos. 6
Drosera Drosera 1β€”6 20β€”30d.
Dulcamara Dulc. 2β€”30 30d.
Echinacea Echin. 9
Elaterium Elat. 2β€”6
Eucalyptus Eucalyp. 9
Β· Perfoliatum Eup. Purf. 1β€”3 1β€”7d.
Β· Purpurium Eup. Purp. 1
Euphorbinum Euphorb. 3β€”6
Euphrasia Euph. Σ¨β€”3 7d.
Erigeron Erig. Σ¨β€”3
Ferrum Iodatum Ferr. Iod. 3
Ferrum Phosphoricum Ferr. Phos. 3β€”6
Ferrum Metallicum Ferr. Met. 2β€”6 50d.
Filix Max Filix 1xβ€”3
Formica Rufa Formica 6β€”30
Gambogia Gambo. 3β€”30 1β€”7d.
Gelsemium Gels. 9β€”30 30d.
Graphites Graph. 6β€”30 40β€”50d.
Glonoine Glon. 3β€”30 1d.
Gratiola Grat. 3β€”30 1d.
Guaiacum Guaia. 6 40d.
Hamamellis Ham. 9β€”3x 1β€”7d.
Hecla Lava. Hecla. Lower Pot. 30
Helianthus Helian. Σ¨β€”30
Helleborus Helleb. Σ¨β€”3 20β€”30d.
Heloderma Horridus Heloderma 30
Hepar Sulph. Hepar S. 2xβ€”200 8 wks.
Hydrastis Hydras. Σ¨β€”30
Hydrocotyle Hydrocot. 3β€”6
Hydrophobinum Hydroph. 30β€”200
Hypericum Hyper. Σ¨-6 1β€”7d.
Hyoscyamus Hyos. Σ¨β€”200 6β€”14d.
Iberis Iber. Σ¨β€”3
Ignatia Amara Ign. Σ¨β€”200
Influenzinum lnfluenz. 30β€”200
Iodium Iod. Σ¨β€”30 30β€”40d.
Ipecacuanha Ipec. 3xβ€”30 2hβ€”4d.
Iris Versicolor Iris <9-30
Jaborandi Jabor. Σ¨β€”30
Jacaranda Jacar. 2β€”3
Jatropha Jatro. 3β€”30
Kali Bichromicum Kali Bi. 2β€”12 30d.
Kali Broimtum Kali Brom 3β€”6
Kali Carbonicum Kali Carb. 3β€”200 40β€”90d.
Kali Iodatum Kali Iod. 0β€”12 20β€”30d,
Kali Muriaticum Kali Mur. 3β€”6
Kali Phosphorus Kali Phos. 3β€”200
Kali Sulphuricum Kali Sulph. 3β€”12
Kalmia Kalmia 1β€”6 7β€”14d.
Kreosotum Kreosot. 3β€”200 15β€”20d.
Lachesis Lach. 3β€”200 30β€”40d.
Lachnanthes Tinc. Lachnan. Σ¨β€”3
Lathyrus Lathy. 3
Laurocerasus Lauro. 0-3 4β€”8d.
Ledum Palustre Ledum 3β€”30 30d.
Leptandra Leptan. 0-3
Lilium Tigrinum Lili. Tig. 3 14β€” 20d.
Lobelia Inflata Lobel Inf. Σ¨β€”3
Lyssin Lyssin 30
Lycopodium Lyco. 6β€”200 40β€”50d.
Magnesia Carbonica Mag. Carb. 3β€”30 40β€”50d.
Magnesia Phosphorica Mag. Phos. 3xβ€”200
Malandrinum Malandrin. 30β€”200
Malaria Officinalis Malaria Offi. 30β€”200
Manganum Aceticum Mang. A. 3 40d.
Medorrhinum Medorrh. 30β€”200
Melilotus Melilot. Σ¨β€”lower Pot.
Mephites Mephi. 1β€”3 1d.
Menyanthes Menyan. 3β€”30 14β€”30d.
Mercurius Bin-Iodatus Merc. Bin-lod, 3
Mercurius Corrosivus Merc. Cor. 3β€”6
Mercurius Cyanatus Merc. Cyan. 3β€”30
Mercurius Dulcis Merc. Dul. 3β€”6
Mercurius Proto-Iod. Merc. Proto. 1β€”2
Mercurius Solubilis Merc. Sol. 1β€”2
Mercurius Vivus Merc. V. 2β€”30 1β€”3d.
Mezereum Mezer. 6β€”30
Millefolium Millef. Σ¨β€”1x
Morbilinum Morbil. 30β€”200
Moschus Mosch. 1β€”3
Naja (Cobra) Naja (Cobra) 6β€”30
Naphthalinum Naphthal. 1β€”3
Natrum Arsenicum Nat. Ars. 3β€”30
Natrum Carbonicum Nat. Carb. 3β€”6
Natrum Muriaticum Nat. Mur. 6β€”200 40β€”50d.
Natrum Phosphoricum Nat. Phos. 3β€”12x
Natrum Sulphuricum Nat. Sulph. 3β€”12 30β€”40d.
Nicotinum Nicotin. 3β€”6
Nuphar Luteum Nuphar L. 0β€”6
Nux Moschata Nux Mosch. 1β€”3
Nux Vomica Nux Vom. 1β€”200 1β€”7d.
(Enanthe Crocata OEnanthe 3β€”6
Oleander Olean. 3β€”30 20β€”30d.
Opium Op. 3β€”200 7d.
Origanum Origan. 3
Osmium Osm. 6
Pareira Brava Pareira Σ¨β€”3
Passiflora Incarnata Passiflor. Σ¨ (30-60rn.)
Petroleum Petrol. 3β€”6 40β€”50d.
Petroselinum Petros. 1β€”3
Phosphorus Phos. 3β€”30 40d.
Physostigma Physos. 3
Phytolacca Phyto. Σ¨β€”3
Plaguinum Plaguin. 6β€”30
Plantago Plant. Σ¨β€”3
Platinum Plat. 3β€”30 35β€”40d.
Plumbum Plumb. 3β€”30 20β€”30d.
Podophyllum Podoph. 9β€”200 30d.
Psorinum Psor. 30β€”200 30β€”40d.
Pulsatilla Puls. 3xβ€”30 40d.
Pyrogenium Pyro. 6β€”30
Radium Bromide Radium 30β€”200 35β€”40d.
Ranunculus Bulb. Ranun. 9β€”30 30β€”40d.
Ratanhia Ratan. 3β€”6
Rheum Rheum 3β€”6 2β€”3d.
Rhododendron Rhodo. 1β€”3 35β€”40d.
Rhus Tox Rhus T. 3β€”200 1β€”7d.
Rhus Venenata Rhus Ven. 3β€”30
Robinia Robin. Σ¨β€”3
Rumex Crispus Rumex 3β€”6
Ruta Graveolens Ruta 1β€”30 30d.
Sabal Serrulata Sabal Σ¨ (10β€”20m.)
Sabadilla Sabad. Σ¨β€”30 20β€”30.
Sabina Sabina 1β€”30 20β€”30d.
Sambucus Sambu. Σ¨β€”6 3β€”4d.
Sanguinaria Can. Sangui. Σ¨β€”6
Santonine Santo. 1xβ€”3
Sarracenia Sarracen. 3β€”6
Sarsaparilla Sarsa. 1β€”6 35d.
Scilla Maritima Scilla 1β€”6 35d.
Secale Cornutum Secale 8β€”30 20β€”30d.
Selenium Selen. 3β€”30 40d.
Sepia Sepia 6β€”200 40β€”50d.
Senega Senega 8β€”30 30d.
Senecio Senecio Σ¨β€”3
Silica or Silicea Sil. 3β€”200 40β€”60d.
Skookum Chuck Skookum 3
Spigelia Spigel. 2β€”30 20β€”30d.
Spirit Camphor Camph. 8 1hβ€” 1d.
Squilla Squil. (See Scilla)…
Staphysagria Staph. 3β€”30 20β€”30d.
Sticta Pulmonaria Sticta 08-Jun
Stillingia Sylvatica Stilling. Σ¨β€” 1x
Stramonium Stram. Aug-30
Strophanthus Stroph. 8
Strychninum Strych. 1β€”30
Sulphur Sulph. 6β€”200 40β€”60d.
Syphilinum Syphil. 30β€”20
Syzygium Jambo. Syzygi. 9
Tabacum Tabac. 3β€”200
Tarentula Tarent. 6β€”30
Terebinthina Tereb. 1β€”6
Teucrium Teuc: 1β€”6 14β€”21d.
Tellurium Tellu. 6β€”30 30β€”40d.
Thuja Thuja 30β€”200 1β€”7d.
Thlaspi Bursa-Pasto. Thlaspi 9β€”6
Thyroidinum Thyroid. 6β€”30
Tuberculinum Tuberc. 30β€”200
Typhoidinum Typhoid. 30β€”200
Uranium Nitricum Uran. Nit. 2β€”6
Vaccininum Vaccin. 30β€”200
Valeriana Valerian. 9
Variolinum Variol. 6β€”30
Veratrum Album Verat. Alb. 3β€”30
Veratrum Viride Verat. Vir. Σ¨β€”6
Verbascum Verbas. 9 3β€”10d.
Viburnum Opulus Viburn. Op. Σ¨β€”3x
Viola Odorata Viola Odor. Σ¨β€”6 2β€”4d.
Viola Tricolor Viola Tri. 3 8β€”14d.
Viscum Album Viscum Ɵ Lower potency
Xanthoxylum Xanthox. 1β€”6
Zincum Metallicum Zinc: 2β€”30 30β€”40d.
Zingiber Zingib. 1β€”6

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