Homeopathic Medicine for Burning of Eyes

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Burning of Eyes



Burning as from smoke.

Profuse non-excoriating lachrymation.

Wants to rub eyes.

Redness of the eyes.

Eyes sensitive to light.


Burning and swelling of eye-lids.

Frequent inclination to blink.

Acrid lachrymation. Eyes red.

Smarting as from sand.

RUTA 6, 30

Eyes burn like fire.

Worse in the evening, at night, candle-light, while reading, exertion of eyes.

Chill before Rhus Tox.
Cold bathing, better from Apis, Puls, Sep.
Evening Nat. Mur., Puls., Ruta, Sep., Sulphur, Zinc.
Fire, looking at Apis, Merc. Sol., Nat. Sul.
Morning Nat. Mur., Nux. Vom., Sul.
Night Ars., Con., Ruta.
Opening eyes on Ars., Kali-bi
Operation after Calendula, Hyp., Staph.,
Reading while Ars., Nat. Mur., Ruta.
Warm room in Apis., Puls.

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