Homeopathic Medicine for Chorea

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A disease of the nerves with involuntary movements (twitching) of the limbs or face.


AGARICUS 3, 6, 30

Agaricus is of great importance in the treatment of chorea. It is especially useful in muscular twitching of a chronic nature, but where chorea has not fully developed.

Jerking, twitching, trembling are strong indications. Twitching stops during sleep.

Chorea better during sleep.

Painful twitching, then the parts become stiff and cold.

From simple motions and jerks of single muscles to dancing of whole body, trembling of whole body.

Involuntary movements while awake, ceases during sleep.

Agaricus patient has spells in which a little muscle of the face will quiver for a few minutes and stop, and then will quiver in another part of the face.

Twitching are specially marked in the eyes, eyelids and facial muscles.

Attack crosswise, upper left and lower right or vice versa.

Chorea worse from coition, better from sleep.

TARENTULA 3, 6, 30

A great remedy for chorea. Chorea with inclination to bite and tear. Extreme restlessness.

Twisting not even ceasing at night (Reverse of Agar., Mygale).

Trembling of whole body.

Movements irregular and violent.

Movements especially affect right arm and leg (Agar. left arm and right leg).

Constant movements of arms, legs and twitching of various muscles of the body.

The patient can run better than he can walk.

In chorea major with rigidity. It is the remedy when diversions of mind relieves, especially music.


Much jerking a twitching of muscles.

Bell. is always associated with flushed face, bright eyes, dilated pupils and injected eyes. Patient is obliged to move to and from, especially to move the hands and feet.

He cannot stay in one position.

Bell. suits also for chorea reflex from dentition or pregnancy.

MYGALE 6, 30

According to Dr. Farington Mygale is one of our best remedies in uncomplicated chorea.

The muscles of the face twitch constantly, mouth open and close in rapid succession. The head is jerked to one side, especially the right.

Control over the muscles seems to be lost.

Hand raised to head is violently jerked backward or down.

Uncontrollable movements of arms and legs. Limbs quite in sleep.


Chorea from fright.

Useful for chorea during pregnancy.

It is useful when the brain is affected.

The movements are very violent as in Belladonna, affecting the whole body.

Convulsive movements. Twitching of hands, feet, tendons. Affects all parts of the body. Crosswise, the left arm and the right foot, afterwards the head is attacked.

Creeping sensations in the limbs previous to the attack.

Chorea with violent pain in the left hip.

During the attack the face is red and hot with cold hands and feet.

Chorea affecting especially the muscles of the face.

Violent movements of the limbs.

Constant movements of the hands and arm, as though he were spinning or weaving.

Patient is full of fear.


Chorea after accidents, injury to head.

All actions are violent.

Violent jerking.

Sometimes child screams before the attack.

Often there is unconsciousness. Sudden strong jerks and spasms. Frightful contortions of the face. Difficulty of speech.

Head is turned or twisted to one side.

Violent tremors, twitchings of the body and limbs and bluish appearance of the face are important symptoms to remember.


Chorea from fright.

Periodic chorea. Chorea at new moon.

Speech difficult or imperfect.

Choreic movements starts in lower limbs (toes), fingers or in one arm and spreads over the whole body.

Twitching often confined to one side.

Patient is better or quieter during sleep.

Chorea one sided, especially left side.

Better lying on back, during sleep.


Chorea in nervous girls, worse during menses.

Spasmodic jerking, twitching, starting and restlessness. Patient continually changes his position.

The right side is more affected than the left.

Muscles of face, tongue, arm, leg are all involved.

Chorea worse in sleep.

During sleep legs and arms are ‘on the go’. This kind of restlessness is characteristic of Causticum.

Chorea even at night.

In chorea constant twitching of the muscles of the face.

During sleep legs and arms are constantly jerked out.

Speech is indistinct. Words seem to be jerked out.

The patient lies on stomach and keeps on making spasmodic jerks.

The muscles of the face look distorted.

IGNATIA 30, 200

Chorea from grief, fright, excitement.

In children and young girls from fear or after punishment.

Chorea with sighing and sobbing.

In chorea the convulsions are greatest in the mouth, producing much distortion of the face.

Constant involuntary twitching and throwing about arms.

Twitching of various muscles.

Motions and contortions of extremities and head.

Cannot walk or use hand to write.

Chorea worse after eating, especially after dinner.

Better while lying on back.


Chorea. Involuntary movements and contortions of limbs, more right side.

Convulsive twitching of comers of mouth.

Twitching all over body during waking hours.

Jerking of mouth, a snapping of eyelids.

Unintelligible speech.

Worse cold air, washing, at stool, emotions.

Better from heat, during sleep.


It is especially indicated in chorea in young girls at puberty, with mental disorders, especially suppression of menses.

When the movement the left side, with rheumatic complaints or uterine derangement.

Sleeplessness is an important symptom.

Twitching, jerking, twisting usually confined to the left side.

Frequent alternation of heat and cold in different parts of the body.


It is especially useful when the chorea is due to suppressed eruptions or by fright and when the right side is most affected.

Chronic chorea worse after dinner, towards evening, after drinking wine.

Twitching in various muscles.

Whole body jerks during sleep.

Starting and rolling from side to side on waking.

Chorea worse during sleep, the feet especially affected.

Chorea during dentition.


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