Homeopathic Medicine for Difficult in Dentition

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Difficult in Dentition



Cham. is the head remedy for ailments of dentition.

The child who needs this remedy is peevish, irritable, restless.

Screams with pain.

Quieted only when carried.

Gums swollen, red and tender.

Dentition with diarrhea of green stools. Odor like rotten eggs. Colicky pain.

ACONITE 30, 200

Fever with dry hot skin.

Child restless and anxious, tossing about.

Face red while lying and pale and fainting when rising up.

Convulsions of teething children.

Watery diarrhea during dentition.


High fever, burning heat all over body.

Very often face red.

Not thirst with fever.

Gums swollen and inflamed.

Convulsions in teething children.

CALC. CARB. 12, 30

This remedy is useful in difficult and delayed dentition of fat, fair, flabby children.

The head is large with swollen abdomen, which looks like an inverted saucer.

The bones are weak and soft and develop very slowly, so that there is late learning to walk.

The whole body smells sour and sweats profusely.

The sweat is well marked on the back of head and upper part of the body.


Calc. Phos. Child is thin and emaciated with open fontanelles.

The head is large, neck is weak, and the bones are weak and soft.

Child is very much peevish and fretful.

Increased appetite, wants to be nursed all the time.

Teeth develop slowly.

The child is always suffering from delayed dentition, difficult dentition, diarrhea.

Stools are greenish, watery, hot, slimy.

Very offensive flatus may also pass along with independent of stool.

Convulsions during dentition.

The child holds the head with hands and screams.

Remedy must be given when there is no convulsion.


The child of Kreo. grows fast like Phos. He is tall, slender and emaciated.

Child is old-looking, wrinkled and has a rapid emaciation.

The child is irritable, obstinate and dissatisfied with everything.

He wants everything (but nothing satisfies him), and when offered throws them away and wants something else.

During dentition child suffers from diarrhea and vomiting.

Dentition is painful.

Teeth begins to decay as soon as they appear. Black spots on teeth.

Teeth appear dark and gums are bluish red, soft, spongy and ulcerated. Gums bleed easily.


The child of Silicea is sick-looking thin, anemic, with large head and wasted body, potbellied abdomen.

Child lacks stamina.

Sweat about the upper parts of the body and the head, but lower parts remain dry.

Slow learning to walk due to weakness of ankles.

The child is very much headstrong and obstinate.

Cries when kindly spoken to—

He has aversion to mother’s milk. Suffers from fever and diarrhea during dentition.


Irresistible desire to bite the teeth or gums during dentition. Dentition difficult or retarded.


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