Homeopathic Medicine for Discomfort After Dental Treatment

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Discomfort After Dental Treatment



After filling, fitting a crown, dull or aching pain.

Injury to gingiva due to removal of tartar.

Post-operative bleeding.

Pressing or sore pain from new dentures.

Soreness of gums after tooth extraction.

Toothache after dental operation.

Arnica is very useful after the extraction of a tooth. It stops the bleeding and accelerate the healing of the gums.

After insertion of artificial teeth, it relieves the pain and swelling.

Prior to any dental procedure including cleaning, filling root canal etc. if we take one or two doses of Arnica we seldom experience any discomfort.

HYPERICUM 3, 6, 30, 200

If Arnica fails to give relief give Hypericum.

It is an excellent remedy for injuries to dental nerves.


Ledum is especially suited to punctured wound even those caused by needle of an injection.


Cham. is useful for the after effects of the anesthesia used in dental procedures.


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