Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Examination

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Fear of Examination



Aethusa is Dr. Clarke’s great remedy for examination funk.

Great weakness of mind, confusion and brain fag.

Confused, cannot retain any idea.

Great anxiety. Thinks it is useless to attempt further study.

Inability to think or fix attention. Dr. Clarke writes in Dictionary of practical Materia Medica— “Guided by this symptom, I once gave it to an undergraduate preparing for an examination, with complete success. He had been compelled to give up his studies but was able to resume them and passed a brilliant examination.”


Dr. Nash writes— “Anacardium is one of our leading remedies for loss of memory.”

It is one of the best remedies for examination of fear.

Nervous exhaustion brought on by over study.

There is great weakness of memory. Loss of memory is very marked. Sudden loss of memory for which it is a remedy par excellence. Forgets everything.

Suddenly forgets names.

There is a lack of self-confidence and fear of failure.


Great remedy for fearful and nervous students.

Lack of self-confidence.

Fear of failure in the examination.

When ready to go for examination, gets diarrhea (due to fear of failing in the examination).

Arg. N. patient want to do things in hurry.


This is also a very good remedy for ‘funk’ (fear) before examination.

Diarrhea before examination.

Painless diarrhea.

The patient is timid.

Trembles from fright or anticipation.


Lyco. child is extremely shy.

Lacks the normal child’s stamina.

Doesn’t play rough physical games.

Lacks self-confidence.

Child emaciates above, especially about the neck, while the extremities are fairly well nourished, hence, the upper part is well developed.

Fear of failure in the examination. He might express anxiety before examination, but mostly he does very well.


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