Homeopathic Medicine for Gonorrhea

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Aco. should be given in the beginning of the disease, especially when—

Penis, prepuce is inflamed.

Burning and smarting in urethra when urinating.

Urination painful, difficult, drop by drop.

Urine hot and burning, scanty and passed with difficulty.

Mental anxiety and restlessness are often present.

Aconite should be given 4 times a day when above symptoms are present.


Gels. is another remedy to be used in the beginning of the inflammatory stage of gonorrhea.

Discharge scanty, little pain, but much heat.

Urine voided in sufficient quantities, rather frequent, with smarting at meatus.

It is also useful in rheumatism, orchitis from suppressed gonorrhea.

Sensation as if something remained behind when urinating, stream stops and then commences again.


Acute stage of gonorrhea when the discharge is yet thin and watery and of disagreeable odor.

Urine mixed with filaments of blood.

Prepuce greatly swollen.

Burning and smarting during and after urination.

Urethra is very sensitive to touch and pressure and the patient cannot walk with legs close together as the touch hurts the urethra, so the patient has to walk very slowly with legs stretched apart.


The most important symptom of this remedy is strong sexual desire with painful erection.

Constant painful urging to urinate, passing only a few drops at a time. Urine often mixed with blood.

Burning and scalding before, during and after urination through the entire canal.

Intolerable urging to urinate with great straining is the key-note of this remedy.

It is our best remedy when the disease has been sent to the bladder by injections.


Ripe gonorrhea without much pain, with thick, yellow or yellowish-green discharge call for Pulsatilla.

It should also be given for suppressed gonorrhea with swelling of the testicles and prostate gland, contraction of the passage and discharge of dark colored blood or badly smelling mucus, with tendency to inflammation of the eyes, particularly in mild, gentle persons with light hair.

Burning pain after urination.


Gonorrhea, when discharge is green yellowish green, purulent, worse at night requires Merc. Sol.

Coppery metallic taste in the mouth.

Profuse perspiration, without relief, may even increase the suffering.

It is a most useful remedy for inflammatory symptoms such as chordee and, especially Paraphimosis, Phimosis and inflamed prepuce.


It is useful when there is burning during urination with sensation as though the urethra were closed and sore inside or swollen inside, the last few drops of the urine are not emitted.

Thick, yellow, purulent discharges.

Soreness and swelling of urethra.

Excessive burning when urinating.

It may also be used for swelling of the penis, chordee or for enlargement and induration of the testicle in consequence of suppressed gonorrhea.


Prepuce swollen.

Pricking, burning, cutting pains with sensation of warmth in urethra.

Thick purulent, white or yellow discharge.

Frequent and unsuccessful desire to urinate.

Violent erection, only subdued by the application of cold water.

SEPIA 30, 200

It is useful in chronic cases when the discharge is milky or greenish, attended with pain in the back.

Profuse sweat on genitals.


It is useful in chronic gonorrhea.

Pain and burning when urinating, but mostly at the beginning of urination.

Mucus in urine but not pus.

Urethra feels constricted.

Has to strain to pass a few drops, then full stream follows.

Burning in urethra during urination.

Last drops of urine causes violent burning.

Urine become purulent.


Thuja is indicated in cases complicated with condylomata, Phimosis.

Patient experiences the feeling of a liquid passing along the urethra, drop by drop.

Discharge thin and greenish.

Scalding pain during urination.

Honey-smelling sweat on genitals.

It is also useful in rheumatism, prostatitis, impotence caused by suppressed gonorrhea.


Useful in chronic gonorrhea.

Yellowish, thick, greenish discharge.

No pain or burning in urethra.

It is also a remedy for condylomata.


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