Homeopathic Medicine for Hysteria

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A disorder of nervous system. Acute attack of functional spasms, with a choking sensation in the throat.



Asaf. is especially useful in hysteria, particularly which arises from the sudden suppression of habitual discharges, such as external healing of running ulcers, sudden suppression of discharges etc.

The most important symptom is sensation of a ball in the throat.

This ball like sensation starts from the stomach and rises to throat.

Another important symptom is accumulation of flatus in the abdomen, it passes upwards and causes oppression of breathing and palpitation.

IGNATIA 30, 200

Ign. is one of the chief remedies of hysteria. It is often indicated in Hysteria and is especially useful when the paroxysms are provoked by grief, fright, disappointed love or some other similar cause and also when they are connected with menstrual disturbances.

Globus Hystericus (the sensation of a ball in the throat in Hysteria), which is often relieved by belching, while drinking water causes an aggravation of convulsive action in the throat. The patient may fall into a half-unconscious state, with clenched thumb and blue face. Finally, a profuse flow of urine and a sigh or a long draw breath announces the return to consciousness.

Great melancholy, changeability of mental state, despondency, a sensation as if stomach were hanging on a thread, nausea etc. are all characteristic indications.


It is one of our good remedies of Hysteria. Its important features are sleepiness, bloating of abdomen and dryness of the mouth.

Head jerked forward, jaws clenched, heart as if grasped.

Great inclination to become unconscious during acute attacks.


This remedy is useful in hysteria.

The most prominent symptom of this remedy is restlessness and trembling of the limb.

The patient is compelled to keep continually on the move. Tarentula will be easily recognized by the constant motion of the extremities.

When there is no observer there is no hysteria. When the attention is directed to her, she begins to twitch.


This remedy is useful when apparently well-chosen remedies fail to cure hysteria.

A warm sensation rises from stomach into throat or a string were hanging down the throat, with globus hystericus. This causes difficulty of breathing.

Susceptibility to odor, which causes the patient to feel faint.

Slightest pain causes fainting.

The patient is apt to be joyous, lively and talkative.

A tendency to flushes of heat is often present.

The alternation of mood which are prominent with the remedy should not be overlooked.

Restlessness is very prominent feature of Valeriana. The patient cannot keep still for a long. The patient must keep continually on the move, but exertion causes headache.


Hysterical and epileptic convulsions during menses.

She feels as if a heavy black cloud has settled over her and enveloped her head. Feels, as if, top of head would fly off.

Aggravation of all symptoms before menses.

MAGNESIA MUR. 6, 30, 200

It is after dinner remedy. Many complaints such as faintness, fits, dyspnea, nausea and trembling etc. occur after dinner.

Globus hystericus better by eructation’s.

Palpitation better after moving about.


Sanguinaria is useful in hysteria when the sense of smell is increased and there is a peculiar susceptibility to odors, which causes patient to feel faint. Seeks a dark room for relief. Better from sleep.


Useful when there is boisterous excitement, red flushed face, dilated pupils, rush of blood to the head during spasmodic attacks and a wild look.

KALI. PHOS. 30, 200

It is useful in attacks from sudden or intense emotions or passion in highly nervous and excitable patient.

There may be spasms with unconsciousness.

Abdomen tympanitic and sensitive to slightest pressure.


It is useful in hysterical convulsions with spasms of the glottis.

There is a feeling of lump in the throat which cannot be swallowed and there is a copious flow of pale urine.


Hysteria of old maids.

Bad effects of suppressed sexual desire or excessive sexual indulgence.


It is useful when the patient faints easily.

One cheek is red but cold and the other pale and hot.

Globus hystericus ending in unconsciousness.

A remedy for hysteria and nervous paroxysms fainting fits and convulsions, catalepsy etc.


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