Homeopathic Medicine for Knee Diseases

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Knee Diseases

BRYONIA 30, 200


Knees stiff and painful.

Red and shining swelling of the knees with violent shootings, especially on walking.

Stitching and tearing pains in knees, worse least movements.


Painful swelling above knee.

Tension in the knee as if the tendons were too short.

Pain in knee as if sprained.

Stiffness of knees and feet.

Gnawing pains with swelling of knee.

Pain in left knee joint, which extends down leg.


Swelling of the knees.

Cramp in hollow of knee when stretching out legs.

Tearing and stinging and acute pains in the knees, especially when standing or sitting, also when walking.

Stitching and tearing in knees. Cracking in right knee which obliges the patient to stand still.

Cartilages of knee joint inflamed.

Knees hot, pale, swollen and very sensitive to touch.

Knee swollen, red, hot, with pain through whole limb on motion.

Drawing and stinging in knees.

Weakness of knees, as if sprained.

Lameness of left knee.

Spongy swelling of knee joints.

LEDUM 6, 30

Rheumatic pain in knee joint.

Cramp like tension in the knees, calves and heels.

Weakness and trembling of knees when seated or walking.

Tearing pressure in knee joints and lower leg, worse on motion.

Cracking of knees.

Tensive pain and swelling in knee when walking.

Stiffness of knees.

Pain seems to extend from knee to hip.

Swelling and tension and stitches in knees with rheumatic pains.

Swelling of knees with very severe pain on stepping.


White swelling of knees.

Pain from hip to knee. Pain in knee, worse going down stairs or upstairs.

Dull pains in side of knees.

Frequent tearing in knees.

Sharp drawing pains in right knee and thigh, worse at night.

Tearing pain in knees, worse at night.


Drawing and tearing in knees.

Tensive pain in hollow of knee with stiffness, worse when sitting or beginning to walk, better from continual motion.

Tendons of knees seem to short.


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