Homeopathic Medicine for Meningitis


Meningitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the meninges, the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. This inflammation can be caused by various factors, commonly bacteria or viruses. The causes and symptoms of meningitis can vary based on the type of infection:

Causes of Meningitis 

Bacterial Infections: Bacterial meningitis is often caused by specific bacteria, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis, or Haemophilus influenzae. These bacteria can spread through respiratory droplets, close contact, or through the bloodstream from other infections in the body.

Viral Infections: Viral meningitis, often less severe than bacterial meningitis, is caused by viruses such as enteroviruses (most common), herpesviruses, or mumps virus. It’s typically spread through contact with respiratory secretions.

Fungal or Parasitic Infections: These are rarer causes of meningitis and are usually seen in individuals with compromised immune systems.

Symptoms of Meningitis

The symptoms of meningitis can appear suddenly and may vary depending on the age and the cause of the infection. Common signs and symptoms include:

Fever: High fever is a typical symptom of meningitis.

Headache: Severe, persistent headaches are often experienced.

Stiff Neck: Neck stiffness and pain, especially when trying to touch the chin to the chest, is a hallmark symptom.

Sensitivity to Light: Photophobia, or sensitivity to light, can be pronounced.

Nausea and Vomiting: Gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and vomiting can occur.

Altered Mental Status: Confusion, irritability, and changes in mental status might be observed.

Rash (in certain cases): In some types of meningitis, particularly bacterial meningitis caused by Neisseria meningitidis, a characteristic rash may appear.

Seizures: Some individuals might experience seizures.

It’s important to note that the severity and presentation of symptoms can vary. Meningitis is a medical emergency, especially if suspected in infants, young children, or individuals with compromised immune systems. Timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent serious complications such as brain damage, hearing loss, and even death. If meningitis is suspected, immediate medical attention is necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Homeopathic Medicine For Meningitis

(1) Arnica, 30, 1M – If the disease has started due to brain injury, then this medicine should be given continuously. Works well at high power.

(2) Aconite 30 – If the cause of the disease is not injury, then this medicine should be used in case of fever, headache, restlessness, nervousness, intense thirst, fear and dry skin at the beginning of the disease. Anger or heatstroke can also be the aggravating causes of this disease. Even in such a situation its use is fine.

3) Belladonna 200 – If in this disease the patient gets delirium, the patient tries to run away from the bed, face flushes with high fever, pupils of the eyes get dilated, then give this medicine, but It should be kept in mind that this medicine should not be given when secretion starts coming out from the membrane due to inflammation of the meninges. The scope of this medicine is till before discharge. After the secretion is released from the covering membrane, the area of Bryonia, Apis or Sulfur appears. Bryonia works well after Belladonna.

(4) Bryonia 30 – As just said, Belladonna is useful until the secretion has been released into the meninges, after the secretion is released the field of Bryonia comes. Bryonia ranks between Belladonna and Apis. Due to accumulation of secretion in the brain, due to its pressure, the child falls asleep, the face becomes red and then the face turns pale – these are not auspicious signs. If the child is moved even a little, he screams – inability to tolerate movement is a common symptom of this medicine. It should be given when the fever subsides significantly with Belladonna. Its symptoms also appear when the rash gets suppressed.

(5) Apis mel 30 – The patient screams in sleep. Like Bryonia and Sulphur, this disease can be caused by suppurating rashes. The biggest symptom of this medicine in this disease is a piercing scream while sleeping. If the symptom of screaming while sleeping is present, then it is an indicator of this medicine.

(6) Sulphur 30 – Like Bryonia and Apis, this medicine is also useful in swelling of the integumentary membrane of the brain caused by pressure sores. Apis and Sulphur- Both of them have similar symptoms in this disease, but Sulfur is given when the patient does not respond even after giving Apis. The patient remains unconscious – in drowsiness, cold sweat appears on the forehead, there is tremor in the limbs, especially the legs tremble, the big toe or sometimes the thumb of the hand becomes stiff. In such a situation, if it is known that the patient has suffered from this problem due to pressure on the rash due to some disease, then Sulfur can be given without any worry.

(7) Zincum Met 6 – The child wakes up with fear, like Apis, in this also the child wakes up screaming from sleep, screams even while sleeping without getting up and without knowing, keeps moving his legs in sleep. Often, the pressure of grains causes irritation in the brain, due to which symptoms like screaming while sleeping, shaking of legs etc. appear.

(8) Cicuta 30 – This medicine has an effect on the nervous system. Distractions, stiffness, cramps etc. occur. Cramps may occur in a particular body part or in the entire body; The head or neck turns towards the back. Cannot bend straight limbs, and if bent, cannot straighten them. The back bends backward, not forward, like a bow. The pain increases due to touch, noise etc.

(9) Gelsemium 30 – In this disease, extreme weakness (complete prostration), numbness of limbs, tremor of legs etc. are found.

(10) Crotalus 30 – It is useful if there is typhoid like fever and symptoms of blood poisoning start appearing.

(11) Tuberculinum 200 – This medicine should not be forgotten in this disease. It should be given at the beginning of the disease itself. This is a natural medicine (constitutional remedy), and T.B. Prevents and cures this background disease. After giving this, do not give any other medicine one day, then you can give the medicine which is suitable according to the symptoms.


Inflammation of the covering membranes of the brain and the spinal cord.


It is useful in initial stage of meningitis.

Boring the head into pillow.

Heat in the head with violent throbbing of the carotids.

Head hot, body and extremities cold.

Violent delirium.

Sensitive to light and noise.

APIS 6, 30

Congestion to the head and face with fullness, burning and throbbing in brain.

Child puts its hand to its head and screams.

Oedematous face, scanty urine, thirstlessness.


Meningitis with exudation.

Sharp shooting pains in the head, sudden crying out, screaming, boring head into the pillow.

Eyes do not react to light.

Complete unconsciousness.


Sharp lancinating pain, through head.

Pressing, tearing pains in occiput, particularly at base of brain.

Meningitis from non-development of an eruption from 1 lack of vital power.

BRYONIA 30, 200

Constant sopor with delirium.

Constant chewing motion with the mouth.

Great thirst.

Sudden starting from sleep

Child screams with pain when moved.


Meningitis, the result of suppressed exanthema.

When there is loud screaming followed by violent convulsions, thumb clenched.

Eyes constantly rotating.

Deep sopor, with twitching and jerking of limbs.

Loquacious delirium or waking from sleep or on becoming conscious he appears frightened.

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