Homeopathic Medicine for Shock from Injuries

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Shock from Injuries

ARNICA 1M and above


In injuries Arnica is most useful remedy.

All accidents are accompanied by some degree of shock.

Mental shock due to accident, bad news, financial loss, grief, fright, rape etc.

Give one dose of Arnica 1M or 10M every half hour.

Give Arnica 10M twice a day for two days to those who cannot forget the shock of a far back car, railway accident, bomb blast etc.

PICRIC ACID 6 to 200

Mental shock from death of near relative.

Give Pic. Acid four times a day.

ACONITE 200, 1M, 10M

Fever, injury from.

Great restlessness and fear of death.

Cannot be pacified.

Mental shock from fright.

Tremendous fear of death.

A state of fear, anxiety, anguish of mind and body.

Physical and mental restlessness.

Fright is the most characteristic manifestation of Aconite.

Acute, sudden and violent attack with fear call for Aconite.

Give 3-4 doses every one or two hours.

CAMPHORA 3 to 200

The whole body cold and clammy after injury or shock.

Face pale and bluish.

Diarrhea from shock.

Great weakness.

OPIUM 200, 1M

Ailments that originate from fright, bad effects of fear, the fear still remaining, call for Opium.

Shocks from imaginary fears like those of ghosts.

Complete loss of consciousness.

Stupor and coma.

IGNATIA 200 and above

Mental shock due to death in the family or other similar happenings. Diarrhea from grief, mental shock.


Shock due to burns.

CARBO VEG. 200, 1M, 10M

Collapsed condition.

Body cold, cold breath, cold sweat and still the patient wants to be constantly fanned rapidly and from near.

Loss of vision and hearing.

HYPERICUM 200 and above

Mental shock from grief, disappointed love, fall etc.

Mental shock resulting in depression. Loss of memory after concussion of the brain, contraction of muscles of various parts of body.


It has proved useful in injuries of the brain when Arnica failed.


One pupil is larger than the other.



Cold sweat, mostly on face.

Coldness of extremities.

Loss of speech.

Vomiting and diarrhea.

In acute cases, remedies can be repeated every 15-20 or 30 minutes.

In chronic cases, remedies can be repeated weekly or fortnightly.


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