Homeopathic Medicine for Stage Fright

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Stage Fright



Nervous. Lack of self-confidence.

Wants to do everything in hurry.

Highly emotional and weeps easily, laughs easily.

Fear of heights.

Old looking.

Desires sweets, salt.


Timid, shy, fearful.

Trembles from fright or anticipation.

Nervous. Dread of appearing in public.

Lack of courage.

The anticipation of any unusual ordeal, preparing for a function or to meet an engagement, bring on diarrhea.

LYCOPODIUM 200 and above

Lyco. is indicated in those whose intelligence is keen but who are physically weak.

Lyco. suits well to those whose upper part of the body is emaciated and the lower part (extremities) is fairly well-nourished, hence, the upper part looks thin and lower part well-developed.

Lyco. patient lacks self-confidence.

There is fear of failure.

Fear to go to stage.

Thinks he will forget points, will make mistakes.

He not only remembers all his points but adds new ones also as he goes along. But he will have the same fear next time.

He is chilly, but better in open air.


Sil. patient is often refined, thin, delicate, sensitive and yielding, easily discouraged.

Lacks self-confidence.

Fear to appear in public.

Fear of failure yet does it well (Lyco.).

Lack of vital heat.

Sil. patient is chilly and aggravate from cold weather. Wants plenty of warm clothing.


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