Homeopathic Remedies for Abnormalities of Pulse

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The Pulse

The pulse is usually felt at the wrist by means of the index, middle and ring-fingers being simultaneously placed over it. The patient’s arm and forearm must be free from any compression and the examining fingers are only to feel, not to press on the pulse. A normal pulse has three characteristics: — (i) It is regular in rhythm moderately full in volume, (ii) swelling slowly under the examining finger; and (iii) beating at the rate given below and is fairly compressible.


Abnormalities of pulse: their significance and treatment

  • Volume
    • Full (acute disease or plethora): Aconite, Aurum, Bellad, Opium, Verat., Viride.)
    • Small anaemia, debility
    • Thready (extreme weakness of heart) Aurum, Cactus, Camphor, Crataegus Ө, Digitalis, Spig., Gels., Hydro-acid, Lauro., Lach., Phosph., Acid Mur., Acid Phos., Verat. alb., Verat., Viride., Ferrum met.
  • Compresiblity
    • Hard (fever, inflammation etc.); Acon., Bell., Bryo., Hyoscyamus, Stram., Berberis, Chelidon, Antim tart., Cantharis, Cactus, Cina, China, Digit., Hepar., Lachesis, Merc., Sulphur, Nux Vomica, Phosp., Sepia, Silicea.
    • Soft (weak heart) Ars., Gels., Phosph., Verat. Vir., Ferr. Phosph.
  • Rate
    • Quick (fever or inflammation): Aconite, Antim. Tart, Bell., Gels., Iberis., Lyco. Naja, Phosph., Digit., Crataegus; (if pulse is quick only in the morning); Ars., Sulphur.
    • Slow, Cannabis Ind., 1x, Gels., Digit (if pulse is alternately slow and quick) Gels. Digit.
  • Rhythm
    • Regular (healthy)
    • Irregular (heart disease) Arnica, Ars., Aurum, Cactus, Crataegus, Digit., Hydrocyanic acid, Iberis, Lachesis, Lyco., Naja, Acid. Phosph., Natrum Mur., Spig., Tabacum, Verat. vir.
    • Intermittent (Heart disease, digestive disturbance, abuse of tea, coffee or tobacco) Carbo veg., Digit, Iberis, Merc., Secale, Lyco., Natrum mur., Spig., Verat. vir., Crataegus 0. (If every 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th beat intermits) Mur. Acid., Digitails.

Tremulous Pulse (patient is in extremes): Ant-t., Calc. carb., Spigelia, Ars., Cicuta, Crotalus, Rhus Tox., Sepia, Helleborus, Sabina, Bell., Gels.

Imperceptible Pulse (patient dying) Carbo veg., Cuprum, Verat. alb., Opium, Colchi., Secale, Merc., Naja, Ars., Silicea, Cantharis, Ipec., Tabac., Stram., Phosph. Acid., Cactus.

Decrotic Pulse (heart failing) Phosph, Stramo, Plumbum, Agar, Bell.

Aconite: Pulse quick, hard and bounding.

Arsenic: Pulse small, quick, thready; intermittent.

Aurum met: Pulse quick, small, irregular.

Antim tart: Audible pulsation.

Acid mur: Pulse quick and small and intermits every 3rd beat.

Baptisia: Compressible pulse.

Colchicum: Thready, tremulous pulse.

Crotalus: Thready pulse.

Gelsemium: Soft, small, fluttering pulse.

Glonoine: Hard pulse, every beat of which throbs inside the head.

Digitalis: Pulse small, irregular, intermittent, aggravated on standing up.

Secale: Pulse small, quick, intermittent, compressible.

Veratrum Viride 2x: Pulse hard, full, slow or quick and thready.

Laurocerasus: Slow pulse.

Crataegus: Pulse quick, irregular, intermittent.

Phosphorus: Pulse full and hard.


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