Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Rheumatism, Rheumatic Fever

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Acute Rheumatism, Rheumatic Fever

It is an acute affection, attacking several joints. One attack confers no immunity but predisposes to another. The onset may be preceded by sore-throat, muscular weakness, shifting pains and prostration; then inflammation occurs in one or more joints—the joints becoming swollen and tender and often showing a red-bluish tint. The temperature usually rises to 102°F., but may become as high as 106° or 107°F. There are usually profuse sour-sweat, the tongue is coated; the bowels are confined; the urine is scanty and high coloured. The heart becomes affected—the pulse is irregular or intermittent. The acute condition lasts about 3 weeks, after which it becomes chronic.


The cause of Rheumatic fever is a germ that gains access into our body via the tonsils. It affects chiefly those who eat too much of meat or nitrogenous diet, expose themselves to damp and cold, especially after being hot; have sluggish liver or get too much lactic acid absorbed into the blood on account of digestive disturbances. The offsprings of cancerous and tubercular parents are often rheumatic.


Aconite 1— (Valuable at the beginning of the disease). Cutting or twinging pain in muscles or joints, high fever, restlessness, loss of appetite, high coloured urine, affected parts are red and inflamed; affection are due to exposure to cold dry winter air.

Sulphur 30 (Useful after Aconite, where there are pains in joints and debility). Used in all stages of acute and chronic rheumatism. Patient always feels hot and casts off his clothes; head, trunk and feet hot; profuse acid sweat; sour taste in the mouth; acidity after meal; pain is severe in the left limbs; aggravation of the disease at night. Rheumatic pain in left shoulder. Sulphur should not be used long in higher potencies.

Lachnanthes 3Rheumatism affects the neck. Stiffneck, head drawn to one side.

Bryonia Alb. 3, 6, 12 or 30—Redness and swelling of joints. Cutting, burning or squeezing pain, increased on slightest movement; constipation; skin hot; profuse sweating; much rigor. Bryonia may be used to eradicate rheumatism after Aconite has ameliorated the symptoms.

Rhus Tox 6—Hot, painful swelling of joints. Pains tearing and burning, Rheumatic pains spread all over the body. Stiff-neck, pain on shoulder and back with stiffness. Pain increased during rest or at night or on walking in the morning or on getting into bed; slight movements or application of mild warmth to the affected part relieves the pain restlessness; unable to bear cold wind; rheumatism due to rains or, exposure to moist wind. Valuable in lumbago. [If pain increases on movements, give Bryonia; but if, on movement, there is at first aggravation of pain and then relief, terminating in aggravation of pain at final rest, then give Rhus Tox.].

Belladonna 3x—6—Affected part is much red and swollen; throbbing pain; intense headache; eyes red, face flushed; aggravation of disease at night; pain comes and goes rather abruptly.

Colchicum 1,3,6— (In acute rheumatism of ablebodied young men). The affected part is paralysed, slightly swollen or not swollen at all; pressure causes paleness of the part; pricking pains. Rheumatic pains all over the body—shoulders, arms, back and neck. Numbness of arms, can’t hold or lift the slightest thing; general numbness. Shifting pains; pains worse at night. Weariness and heaviness, inability to move. Coldness of legs and feet.

Apis 3x, 30—The affected part feels stiff or benumbed; joints are swollen and give a sense of constriction to the patient; acute inflammatory rheumatism.

Pulsatilla 3, 6, 30—The affected joints are slightly swollen and red; pain is shifting and tearing in character; knees, ankles and the small joints of hands and feet are as if gripped in vice; there is a feeling of chilliness, restlessness, sleeplessness; acute or chronic rheumatism; swelling of joints. It can be used if there is neither fever nor local redness.

Cimicifuga 3—Chest or loins affected; pricking pain in the sides and back; stiff neck; pain, heat and swelling in the leg; tremors; unable to walk; lancinating pain all over the body, intense pain in the head or spine; high fever.

Mercurius Vivus 3x (trit.)Pain, swelling and inflammation of several joints simultaneously; foul or oily smelling sweat; fever; aggravation at night.

Viola Odorata 3—In rheumatic affections of the right side and upper part of the body.

Arnica 3—30—Pain and then stiffness in muscles. Rheumatism following hurt or fall.

Phytolacca 30—Syphilitic rheumatism.

Natrum Sulph. 12 x (trit)Gonorrhoeal rheumatism.

Aurum Metallicum 6—30—Rheumatism; pains wander from joint to joint and finally become fixed in the heart, impossible to lie down; patient has to sit upright or bending forward; profuse sweating; rheumatism due to gonorrhoea or syphilis.

Phosphorus 3—30—Rheumatism following prolonged laundry-work.

Dulcamara 6—Rheumatism due to exposure to cold damp weather or getting wet in rain. Rheumatism after acute eruptions or when chronic forms alternate with attacks of diarrhoea. Pain in the joints, parts feel as if beaten. Severe pain when remaining in one position, subside only when the patient moves about.

Lactic Acid 3—30—Knees, shoulder, wrists, elbows and small joints of the upper and lower extremities are affected; hot belching and eructations—both foul-smelling or acid; water-brash; sores inside mouth; nausea, indigestion; diabetes or anaemia.

Caulophyllum 3—Small joints are affected; ankle, wrist and finger-joints are affected; constant flying pains; headache.

Benzoic Acid 6—Part is swollen and inflamed and exquisitely tender to touch. Foul-smelling urine.

Argentum Metallicum 6—Rheumatism of knees and elbows.

Kali Bichrom 3—Chornic Rheumatism. Pain in both shoulders, hip-joints and knees. Worse walking or moving. Stiff all over, could hardly move. Wandering pains.

Kali Iod. 3, 30, 200—Syphilitic rheumatism; rheumatism due to abuse of mercury.

Calcarea Phos. 6—Aggravation during the rains. Rheumatic pain about the shoulder-joints, especially the left. Pain about in all parts.

Ledum 6—In acute and chomic affections; where the pain creeps from below upwards.

Kalmia 3—Pains travel downwards from above; the right upper limb is affected. Rheumatism especially of the right side, pains affect a large part of limb. Weakness, numbness. Joints red, hot and swollen.

Causticum 6—30—Rheumatic pain all over the body, better by warmth especially of bed, worse from motion or from dry cold winds.

Ruta 3—In lumbago.

Thuja 30—200—Rheumatism, with numb feeling; worse in warmth, from moving at night, after 12 P.M.; better from cold, and after sweating.

Medorrhinum 30—200—Chronic rheumatism; rheumatism due to suppressed gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoeal gout.

Fluoric Add 6—30—Rheumatic pain in left arm from shoulder to elbow with lameness. Pain in right shoulder- joint, stiffened by rheumatism. Chronic cases having syphilitic or mercurial history.

Some of the above medicines may be used in various types of rheumatism set forth hereafter.

Diet—During fever—sago, barley or arrowroot-gruel, with milk. Fruit-juices. Plenty of water to drink. During convalescene, solid food may be allowed but it is better always to avoid meat, bread, and curd. To relieve pains apply hot fomentations, dry or moist.


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