Homeopathic Remedies for Albuminuria

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The fluid portion of blood is made up of a chemical substance, alike in composition to the white albumen of eggs. When the kidneys are diseased, this vital portion of blood is passed out with the urine and lost to our body. This condition is called Albuminuria. In health, the kidney is such a perfect filter that it allows only the water and salts of the blood to escape holding back the albumen. Eating too much of meat, drinking alcohol freely, chronic lead poisoning rheumatism, scarlet fever, influenza, frequent exposure to damp cold are the usual causes of albuminuria. Fever, thirst, nausea, frequent but often ineffectual urgings for urine, swelling of face, feet and hands, Anemia, secondary dilatation and hypertrophy of heart, and coma—are some of the prominent symptoms.



Cantharis 3 Urine is suppressed as a result of nephritis. Apis 3x-3 Hands and feet swell at the commencement of the disease. Ars. 3-6 Exhaustion, restlessness, anxiety, thirst, skin is cold but patient feels hot, dropsy. Ferrum Met. 6: Patient is suffering from dropsy and looks yellowish; sensation of chill, vomiting of undigested food, heavy sensation on head, nose-bleed, fidgety temper. See under Haematuria.

Try also—Ferrum Phos. 6x (trit.). Plumb 6, Terebinth 3, Chelidonium 1x, Nux Vom. 1x-3, Merc. Cor. 6, Phosph. 3, Acid Phos. 1x-6, Sulphur 6-30.

Diet and other measures—As under Nephritis. Omit salt from diet.


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