Homeopathic Remedies for Angina Pectoris (Breast-Pang)

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Angina Pectoris (Breast-Pang)

It is more or less a sudden attack of pain or oppression, originating in the region of the heart (behind the sternum or at the nipple), often extending down the arms (chiefly the left one), and in severe cases, attended by a sensation of impending death. Exertion, emotion, exposure to cold usually bring it on.



Pulse weak and irregular; prostration, difficulty in breathing; fear of impending death; face dusky; eyes sunk in sockets; Ars. 6-30. In full-blooded men, with sense of suffocation: Aconite 3x-30. Palpitation (felt like a lump in the throat), pulse full, sleeplessness, restlessness Belladonna 3, repeated palpitation, fainting, restlessness, pulse weak: Acid Hydro 3. Spasms of the heart-muscles, feeling of heart being under the iron-grip Cactus 1x. Angina due to stomach derangement: Nux Vom. 3x-30. Intense debility, quick pulse, difficulty in breathing, palpitation Cratcegus Ө-5-10 drops a dose.


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