Homeopathic Remedies for Apoplexy

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Sudden loss of sensation, motion and consciousness are the manifestations at the beginning of Apoplexy. It may be due to cerebral haemorrhages or obstruction of blood-vessels by clotted blood or by some foreign body carried by the current of blood. In some cases the direct cause is any injury to the head by a fall or by a blow resulting in internal haemorrhage into the brain. The main cause points to some diseases of the blood-vessel. Old men are mostly liable to its attack.


There is another type of Apoplexy which develops gradually; the predisposing conditions are headache, giddiness especially when stooping, vertigo with nausea, pulse slow but full and strong, irritability, slight indistinctness of speech, partial loss of control over the movements; one-sided paralytic attack may set in.

The patient may survive but may not regain the former control over his movements, he may remain a paralytic for the rest of his life.

Urine and stools have been voided involuntarily, swallowing is difficult or impossible. Pulse is at first full and bounding, temperature normal or subnormal if the temperature begins to rise and the pulse grows weak and irregular; if the body is bathed in sweat and the face looks livid or blue, death is imminent. If the patient is going to recover, he is gradually able to swallow and returns to consciousness, the paralysis very slowly recovering.


Lycopodium 1x: In sudden attack. Aconite 1x Pulse full and quick; skin dry and hot; tongue paralysed. Arnica 6: In the aged, when it is due to determination of blood to head. Belladonna 6: Unconsciousness, loss of speech; face flushed and swollen; vessels of neck and face turgid and throbbing; convulsive twitchings of face and extremities; pupils dilated; urine not passed or voided involuntarily. Baryta Carb. 6 In paralysis of right side, in old men with paralysed tongue. Glonoine 3x-6 Threatened apoplexy. Hyoscyamus 3x-6: Unconscious evacuation of urine and stools. Opium 6-30: Coma; full or soft pulse; stertorus breathing; face swollen and flushed or blue; eyes half open; pupils dilated; extremities cold; bleeding from vessels. This medicine can be given every hour till benefit results. Nux Vomica 6: If apoplexy is due to excessive eating or effusion into brain. As soon as consciousness returns, give Arnica 3, a few doses. If paralysis sets in, give Causticum 6, Cuprum 6, Cocculus 6, Sulphur 30, Plumbum 30, Zincum 6x-6.

Often these are beneficial—Hydrocyanic Acid 3x, Argentum 6, Verat. Viride 3x-6.

During the fit or stroke, let in fresh air, loosen the dress, apply ice to head, hot bottles to extremities (if the extremities are cold). Get urine drawn out. As soon as patient can swallow, give milk; when he regains consciousness and gradually gets better, give rice, etc. Avoid meat, eggs, tea, tobacco, alcohol, physical and mental over-exertions, excess of every nature.


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