Homeopathic Remedies for Beri-Beri (Epidemic Dropsy)

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Beri-Beri (Epidemic Dropsy)

It is well-known that most of the human food-grains contain a thin outer covering, which is rich in the substance called Vitamin or ‘water soluble B’ In the process of milling, this layer is rubbed off. Those who eat such food- grains are deprived of the Vitamin B and contract a disease, that is called Beri-Beri. Real cases of Beri-Beri occur in China, Japan and the Malay Peninsula; but a disease very much akin to it, called Epidemic Dropsy broke out in Calcutta in 1909-10.


The symptoms are low fever, swollen lower extremities- confined chiefly to the shin-bones and accompanied by a red bluish gradually extending to the feet. Then the heart becomes dilated and the whole-body swells, the feet and hand ‘dropping’. There is much tenderness in the calves.


Eat unpolished whole-grains, plenty of ghee (instead of mustard oil), milk and fresh vegetables and meat. If possible, leave the place for a dry, healthy climate.

Arsenic 3x-30—Paralysis, dropsy, pain, anaemia. If no improvement follows after 2 or 3 days try—

Rhus Tox. 3x-200—Paralysis, emaciation and stiffness of limbs.

Gelsemium 3—Paralysis of lower limbs.

In dropsy—Bryonia 3, Sepia 6, Lathyrus sativa 3, Secale 6, Apis 3.

In Cardiac debilityCrataegus Ө, Cactus Ө or Ginseng 2x.

Use also Natrum Sulph., Plumbum, Phosphorus, Lycopodium in 6-30 potencies.


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