Homeopathic Remedies for Bronchitis

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This is an inflammation of those portions of the air- tube that ramify inside the lungs. When the larger tubes only are affected, the disease is called bronchitis; when the finer branches mostly are involved, it is called capillary bronchitis or broncho-pneumonia. This latter is much worse of the two diseases and in the extreme very often proves fatal to the life. Both start with fever, cough, pain and sense of constriction of the chest. In the case of capillary-bronchitis, as the disease progresses the patient gets blue in the face and extremities, and signs of intense prostration and blood- poisoning (dry tongue, clammy sweat or dry skin, delirium etc.) supervene. The cough is at first dry; but later, it becomes moist; though the sputum is brought up with effort and is tenacious and viscid.



Aconite 3x—Sense of irritation inside the throat, painful cough, and in temples on coughing. Use it at the very start. Bell. 6 (where Aconite fails)—Dry cough, fever, headache, flushed face and red eyes; intolerance of light and sound. Antim. Tart. 6-30—Fear of suffocation while coughing; shreddy mucus; wheezing sound in the chest; pain in loins, back and head; palpitation; the patient is a child or an old man. Bryonia 3x-30—In Bronchitis of large tubes, with painful cough, yellow or blood-streaked viscid sputum; patient has to press his hands to chest on account of pain during coughing. Kali Bichrom. 6, 12—Inflammation of larynx and bronchi (capillary); thick yellow mucus; tongue dirty; loss of appetitie. Ars. Alb. 3, 12, 30: —Scanty mucus; asthma-like fit on lying down; sleep is broken by cough; sometimes liquid mucus discharge; useful to the aged and the weak. Carbo Veg, 6, 12, 30—Extremities cold and blue; intense prostration; hoarse voice; profuse mucus. Phosph. 3—In broncho-pneumonia of children. China 6, 12, 30—Patient gets weak on account of profuse expectoration. Ipecac. 3: — Rattling of throat owing to accumulation of phlegm. Causticum 30—Hoarse voice. Merc. Sol. 6—Loose expectoration and sweating. Ars. Iod. 3x—Fever, night- sweat, purulent expectoration, much prostration—all as in case of phthisis. Sanguinaria 3—Spasmodic cough; sputum profuse or dry; stabbing or burning pain in chest; running from nose. Hepar Sulphur 6—Profuse expectoration, aggravaton of cough on lying down or on entering a warm room.

Try also—Sulphur 30, Acid Nitric 6, Ammon Carb 3x, Senega 3, Conium 3, Hyoscyamus 3.

Hot linseed poultice to the chest is often beneficial. Keep the patient in a warm but well-ventilated room and if there is prostration, light nourishing liquid diet is essential.


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