Homeopathic Remedies for Catarrhal Fever

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Catarrhal Fever

Cause: Exposure to cold or wet, especially after one being over-heated; sudden checking of perspiration; taking of too much acids or dahi (curd); indigestion.


Symptoms: Running from the eyes and nose; flushing of face; redness of eyes, pains and aches all over the body; headache; sneezing; nausea; yawning; hoarseness of voice; cough; pain in the chest; constipation.


  • In the commencement, the Camphor (either Rubini’s or solid camphor gr. 1 with betel)..
  • Sneezing, rise of temperature, running from nose and eyes, restlessness, thirst Aconite 3x—6.
  • Constipation; stuffy sensation in the nostrils (especially at night) Nux 6—30.
  • Nausea or vomiting Ipecac
  • Acid watery discharge from nostrils Arsenic
  • Eyes red, sleeplessness, headache Belladonna
  • Pain in chest and bronchitis, heavy head, aches in hands and feet and back Bryonia

The patient should keep away from cold and wrap himself up warmly; rub mustard-oil over nose, chest and sole of the feet. Take light diet.


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