Homeopathic Remedies for Chicken Pox

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Chicken Pox

This is a mild type of infectious disease. The pustules or pimple like eruptions are almost similar in appearance to those of Small pox for which it is somewhat difficult to distinguish one from the other at the first stage. Generally the fever is not very high, the vesicles are pointed in the centre and are full of watery substances. In some cases the vesicles appear first and then the fever with its attendant troubles. In course of a few days the fever subsides, the vesicles dry up leaving no scars. They may suppurate or may not.


The patient must be kept quite separate and no one should come in close contact with him except the attendants. Light nourishing diet should be given. Pure olive oil is to be applied to ameliorate itching and burning.


Aconite 3—6—Febrile stage, dry heat with thirst, anxiety, fever, rapid, hard and full pulse.

Rhus Tox. 6—30—Some say, it is the chief remedy; if given in the first stage, it often arrests the progress, shortens the period of suffering and effects cure.

Antim. Tart. 6—30—When there is cold and cough, nausea and vomiting. It is of great value when the vesicles come out slowly. It helps towards full development of the pustules.

Gelsemium 3x—30—To be thought of when the fever is slow, the patient is very weak, drowsy and dizzy, dull and trembling.


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