Homeopathic Remedies for Chlorosis – Green Sickness

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Chlorosis – Green Sickness

This is a form of Anemia in which the skin assumes an earthy or greenish-yellow complexion. It affects both the sexes, particularly the young girls at the age of puberty. It leads to scanty or irregular menses; the skin is cold, there are chilliness, headache, swelling of the eyelids, black ring around the eyes, palpitation, weak pulse, indigestion, constipation, fidgety temper, loss of appetite. Bleedings, masturbation, menstrual disorders, indolent in-door life, anxiety, etc. are the causes.



Ferrum Redactum 2x (trit.) This is the principal remedy. Give a grain twice daily. Its characteristics are shallow complexion, indigestion, chilliness, occasional flushes of heat, headache, cold extremities oversensitiveness, menorrhagia or amenorhhoea. Graphites 3x: Scanty menses: dry, hard skin; constipation; hot discharge. Calc. Carb. 3-30: Neuralgia, sweating of the head; cold feet, increase of nodes. Ars. 30: Much haemorrhage with dropsy, abuse of iron, exhaustion. Puls. 3x-6 Complete amenorrhoea or menorrhagia; amenorrhoa due to exposure to cold and exhaustion of patient. Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.)-30 Sensation of cold in hip-joint and of weight in lower abdomen; dropsy, Constipation, amenorrhoea, with occassional spots, anxiety.

Try also—Sepia 12, Platina 6, Acid Phosph, 6, Sulphur 30, Plumbum 6, Petroleum 30, Calc. Phosph. 6.30, Helonias 2x; Arg. Nit. 30; also the remedies described elsewhere under ‘Anemia’ and Phthisis.

Cold sea-bath, open air exercise, whole-meal bread, yellow of eggs, fresh vegetables, ripe fruits, milk, dahi (curd), etc. are recommended. Basking in the sun is very helpful.


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