Homeopathic Remedies for Chorea or St. Vitus’ Dance

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Chorea / St. Vitus’ Dance

It is the involuntary twitching of voluntary muscles anywhere in the body.


Causes: Fear, mental depression, masturbation, worms, heart-disease, rheumatism, eye-disease, etc.


If due to fear Aconite, Ignatia, Stramonium.
worms Cina, Spigelia, Santonine, Mercurius.
Rheumatism Cimicifuga, Spigelia.
Masturbation Cantharis, Platina.
debility Iod., Ars., Ferrum.

Try also Zincum, Arsenic, Agaricus, Cuprum, Hyoscyamus, Causticum, Calc. Carb. —All in 3x-6 potencies according to their indicative symptoms.

Secure rest, good food and open air.


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