Homeopathic Remedies for Complaints During Pregnancy

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Complaints During Pregnancy

Fainting: Lay her quiet on a comfortable place and remove all constriction in her dress. Let in fresh air from all sides and do not lift up her head nor place it on a pillow. Dash cold water on to her face and let her inhale Spt. Camphor 6 or Moschus Ө. If the fainting is due to loss of blood, China 30; if to fear, Opium 6; if to grief, Ignatia 6; if to heart weakness, Digitalis 6; if to nervous exhaustion, Acid Phos. 6. [Remember that in the latter half of pregnancy, a terrible disease, called Eclampsia is commom among women; it comes on as a fainting fit and is attended with convulsions. Never treat such a case but atonce call in a qualified doctor.]


Headache and Dizziness: If due to congestion of brain and associated with formation of black streaks round the eyes, Aconite 3. Throbbing headache, flushed face and eyes, ringing in the ears, Bell. 6. Sudden twings of pain in the head, Nux Vom. 30 [See Headache].

Pains in back and Loins: Bryo. 3, Rhus Tox. 6, Secale 30 are the best medicines. Labor-like pains in lower abdomen Secale 3. Pain due to much Labor Arnica 3. Backache: Calc. Carb. 6, Causticum 6. Pain on side (right or left)—Cham. 6, Puls. 3, Phosph. 3, Acon. 3x.

Keep the parts warm by wrapping them with flannel.

Toothache: If accompanied with fever: Aconite 3x. If due to nervous irritation or to dyspepsia: Calc Fluorica 6, Merc. 6, Nux Vom, 30, Chamomilla 12, Antim. Crude 6, Kreosote 12.

Dropsy: In swelling of legs, thighs and external genitals as the result of obstructed venous circulation Ars. 30, China 6, Apis 6, Ferrum 30.

Nausea & Vomiting (if severe) Symphoricarpus Racemosa 2-3 or 200 is the chief remedy, especially if attended with such indications as: constant nausea or vomiting; indigestion, relish for food is now present, now lost; water- brash; bitter taste in mouth constipation; aversion to all kinds of food; relief on lying on the back. Incessant vomiting, bringing up mucus and bile; threatening diarrhoea; constipation, eructations; water-brash; hiccup; vomiting at or after break-fast; Nux Vom. 30.

Try also—Aletris Farinosa 0-3, Kreosote 6, Sepia 30.

Water-brash: Due to acidity or over-eating Merc. 6, is the principal medicine. Acid eruption. Sudden belching of bitter liquid. Heart-bum, loss of appetite, constipation, burning pain at the pit of stomach, acid water-brash: Carbo Veg. 30. Constant water-brash with acid eructations Calc. Carb. 30.

Varicose Veins Owing to the enlarged abdomen pressing on the veins, the veins of genitals, thighs, etc. become enlarged and knotty. Give Hamamelis internally and Hamamelis Ө lotion (1 in 8 parts of water) locally. If the veins cause pain Puls. 3. If debility is present, Formica 3x. In chronic cases, Fluoric Acid 6. If a vein bursts and bleeds press over the part by a pad of wool soaked in Hamamelis 0. Try Ferrum Phos. 3, Plumbum 6.

Pulsatilla 3 may be used as preventive. Keep the patient in bed in serious cases.

Cramps These occur in the 4th or 5th month, affecting the muscles of thighs, abdomen, back and loins, If in the thigh and legs, Chamomilla 6. If cramps are associated with headache, loss of appetite, nausea; Nux Vomica 6, Bryo. 6, Sepia 6. If diarrhoea is present: Iris or Verat. Alb. 6. Cramps in loins and abdomen Colocynth 6, Cuprum 6, Nux Vomica 6. If associated with tympanitis Lyco. 6.

Dribbling of urine: Cannabis Sat. 1x, Cantharis 3, China 3, Bell. 3. Avoid salt, hot and acid things.

Scanty or suppressed urine: This is due to pressure of the pregnant uterus on the kidneys or rather to poisons circulating in the system as the result of pregnancy. Let her drink milk well-diluted with water or barley-water and sugar of milk. If actually suppressed, give Camphor 6, Cantharis 6, Bell. 3.

Constipation: Use ripe bael or papaya, Collinsonia 3x, is the principal remedy. Use also Nux Vom. 30, Bryo. 6, Sulph. 30, Opium 30, Plumbum 6.

Diarrhoea: Merc. Sol. 6, China 6, Acid Phosph. 6, Sulphur 30, Podophyllum 6.

Heart-burn: Puls. 6, Capsicum 6, Calc. Carb. 6.

Sleeplessness: Coffea 6, is the principal remedy. If insomnia is in the last part of night: Sulphur 30. If associated with fever Acon. 3. If due to pain and cramps in legs Chamo. 3, Verat. 6.

Longing for burnt earth or clay Carbo Veg. 6. For chalk Calc. Carb. 6.

Palpitation: Digit. 3. If due to indigestion Nux 6.

Piles: If painful Nux Vom. 6, if associated with constipation Collinsonia 3x.

Cough: (dry and hacking) Aconite 3, Nux Vom. 6.

Pain in urination: Spt. Camphor is the chief remedy. Try also—Acon. 3, Bell. , Apis 6, Ars. 6, Cantharis 6.

Menstruation: This is rare and never occurs after the third month. Cocculus 6, Phosphorus 6.

Pains: If cramps occur anywhere, Viburnum Op. 3 or Colocynth 6. Throbbing pain in heart. Arg. Met. 6. Pain due to foetal movements Arnica 3, Sepia 6, Thuja 30, Opium 6.

Gripes: Chamomilla 12 or Nux Vom. 6—one dose suffices. Try Calc. Carb. 6.

Fever: If it is intractable, Aconite 6.

Cramps: In feet or legs, Cuprum 6. Gels, 3.

Itching of external genitals: Borax 3, Ambra Grisea 6. Apply Borax dissolved in water twice daily.

Pendulous abdomen: Bandage it up.

Distended abdomen: If the enlarged abdomen becomes a source of pain and discomfort, apply oil and give internally Bell. 6 or Nux. 6.

Discomfort owing to foetal movements: Opium 6, Arnica 3.

White discharge from vagina: If milky, Calc. 6. If watery or yellowish, Sepia 12. If much weakened by it, China 6. If attended with itching and desire for coitus, Platina 6.

Pain in breasts: Pain, heaviness and redness, Bell. 3x. Heavy, swollen but not red, Bryonia 3.

Inflammation or ulceration of Nipples: If inflammation is due to trauma, Arnica 3 internally and Arnica 0 lotion locally. If nipple is ulcerated or raw, Hydrastis 3 internally and Hydrastis (1 in 8 of water) locally.

Pain due to enlargement of breasts: Neuralgic pain, Conium 3. Due to inflammation, Bell. 3 or Bryonia 3.

Mental troubles: Melancholy, Cimicifuga 6. In agony, Ignatia 6. In fear, Aconite 3. in anger, Chamo. 12.

False pains: Chamomilla 6, Puls. 30, Cimicifuga 3, Cauloph. 3x.

Haemorrhage during Pregnancy: If due to fall, coughing, weeping, etc., Arnica 3. If due to situation of the placenta over the Os (placenta praevia), Trillium Ө. This is a most dangerous condition and should be treated only by skilled obstetricians. It occurs in the last one or two months and is associated with Labor pain.

Diabetic errors of parents: The effects of such errors are transmitted to the offspring, To prevent this give once every month, the following, according to indications: Calc. Carb. 30, in parental scrofula, Bacillinum 200, in parental tuberculosis, Psorinum 30, If parents suffer from foul-smelling skin-disease, Silicea 30, in parental rickets, etc.

Try also—Baryta Carb. 30, lodium 30, Thuja 30, Merc. 30, Causticum 30, Sepia 30, Sulphur 30.


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