Homeopathic Remedies for Continued Fever (Seven day or Ten-day fever)

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Continued Fever
(Seven day or Ten-day fever)

Symptoms: Beginning with chill and rigor, patient feels now chilly now hot; the skin is hot, dry and rough; there restlessness, thirst, dry and white, furred tongue, quick and full pulse, rapid breathing, high coloured and scanty urine; pain in the spine and loins, constipation or diarrhoea, loss of appetite, headache, etc.


Causes: Change of season; exposure to wet or cold; sudden checking of perspiration; excessive bodily and mental labour; indiscretions in diet; hurt; night-keeping accumulation of waste-products inside the body.


Aconite 3x—Pulse small, quick, bounding; skin dry and hot; alternate feelings of heat and cold; frequent sneezing; thirst, restlessness and high temperature; headache; quickened respiration; aggravation of symptoms at night; slight delirium; fear of death. Stop medicines as soon as sweat appears.

Belladonna 3—30—Inflammation of menninges of brain and of throat; slight chill but intense burning sensation; absence of sweat or slight sweat on covered parts; sleeplessness; thirst; dry lips and mouth; delirium; intense headache; moaning. Belladonna is especially indicated in the cases of children and in stout and plethoric persons.

Bryonia album 3, 6, 30—Heavy head; pain in the throat, head, neck, upper and lower limbs and back, aggravated by movements; dry cough, with difficulty in breathing; burning pain in the stomach; tongue coated with yellow fur; vomiting of food matter; mucus and bile; face yellowish; constipation; intense thirst; pain in the region of liver; temperature fluctuates; pulse quick; mouth dry; bitter belchings.

Cina 3x—200—Fever with worms.

Gelsemium 1x—Especially useful in the case of children. Intense prostration—tremulous extremities and tongue; blurred speech; inability so much as even to keep the eyes open or to lift the head; dizziness and drowsiness; blurred vision; weak pulse; slight or no thirst.

Veratrum viride 1x—Pulse full, quick and hard; tongue yellow, furred with reddish centre; much rigor; headache (especially frontal) and dizziness; nausea; weakness.

Eupatorium perf. 3—Headache; nausea or bilious vomit, especially after cold drink or after cessation of rigors; pain all over the body and especially in bones.

Ferrum Phos 3x, 6x 12x—Fever with cough. Fever is not so high as in the case, of Aconite, nor pulse so weak as in Gelsemium.

Ipecac 3x, Nux 3, Puls. 3, Rhus. 6, Phosphorous 6, Sulphur 3, may also be used according to their indications.

Diet—Sago or barley gruel till fever is off. Four days after this, can take rice. Cold water may be drunk.


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