Homeopathic Remedies for Cystitis

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This means inflammation of the urinary bladder—the result chiefly of cold, some, gonorrhoea, or careless passage of catheter.


Symptoms: Pain and sense of heaviness in the pubic region, chill, rigor, straining at micturition, passage of mucus or blood or pus with urine. [In nephritis, the pain radiates from loins to groin; in cystitis, from pubic region of loins.]


Cantharis 3 Valuable in acute and chronic cases. Aconite 1x-3x If due to exposure to cold wind. Dulcamara 3: Due to exposure to damp. If due to nephritis or stone, with discharge of much mucus; Pareira Brava 0 (m. 15-20). In chronic cases Chimaphila (m. 5) or Cantharis 3. Puls. 3x-3 If unable to retain urine, when urging for it comes, with nocturnal enuresis. Acid Benzoic 3x or Acid Nitric 6 Smell of urine like that of horse’s urine. Sabal Serrulata Ó¨, 10-15 drop doses thrice daily.

Try also—Bell. 3, Cannabis Sativa 1x, Kali Iod. 6- 30, Apis 3.

The patient should keep to bed and drink plentiful of fluids and have only slops for his diet. Washing out of the bladder with Acid Boric lotion (gr. 10 to 1 oz.) twice a day has much to be recommended. Warm fomentation may be applied to pubic region.


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