Homeopathic Remedies for Delayed Menses

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Delayed Menses

In this country, the age of puberty for Indian is 12 to 14 years; girls over 14, in whom menses do not appear or having once appeared do not come on regularly every 28th day, form cases of delayed menstruation. It is often due to health undermined by disease, Anemia or nervous break-down.


Symptoms: — Heaviness or aching of head; palpitation; bleeding from nose or piles, difficulty of breathing, pain in lower abdomen; weight-sensation in thighs and waist.


Puls. 3-30 Pain in abdomen and back headache, loss of appetite, chilliness, lethargy, nausea, palpitation, Anemia. If leucorrhoea co-exists Sepia 6, Aconite 3x Menses suppressed from sudden chill or fright. Bryonia 3-30 Vicarious menstruation, i.e. instead of blood being passed per vagina, bleeding occurs from nose, mouth, etc. Dry cough, constipation, stitching pain in chest. Senecio Ө Delayed first menstruation, irregular or scanty menstruation; stoppage of menstruation after being once established. Veratrum 12: Nervous headache; hysteria or unconsciousness due to weakness, nausea or vomiting liquid motions discoloured face; extremities and tip of nose cold. Natrum Mur. 12x (frit.) Constipation, chilliness and cold feet in anaemic thin women. Sulphur 30: Pain in waist, throbbing of head and vertigo; indigestion constipation and piles; irritable temper and silent attitude. Cimicifuga 6x Delay in menstruation from paralysis of nerves of ovaries. Headache, sleeplessness, pain in left side of body (especially left breast).

If due to constitutional taint Sulphur 30, Calc. 6, Lyco. 12, Sepia 30.

If due to wasting diseases like phthisis: Bacillinum 200, Calc. Phos. 12x (trit.), Iod. 6.

If due to Anemia* and debility Natrum Mur. 30, China 6, Ferrum 6.

If due to indigestion Sulphur 30, Nux 6, Puls. 6, Lyco 12.


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