Homeopathic Remedies for Diseases of The Nails

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Nail Diseases

  • If nails are brittle—Silicea 6.
  • If brittle discoloured or receding—Thuja 6 or Alumen 6.
  • If fissured— 3.
  • If thickened—Graphites 6 or Antim. Crude 6.
  • If ulcer occurs on all sides of it— 3. In inflammation at bed of nails—Silicea 6 internally and local application of a lotion of Calendula Ө (m. 12 in 1 dram of water).
  • If pain is due to injury (as during tripping etc.)—Arnica 3 internally, and Arnica Ө lotion (in 10 volumes of water) externally.
  • If due to wearing pointed-toed shoes, the soft structures around nails get inflamed or suppurated—Acid Nitric or Magnet Australis 200, internally and local application of Hydrastis Ө, 1 part in 8 part of vaseline.
  • If this fails consult a surgeon.



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