Homeopathic Remedies for Diuresis

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This means increased frequency of urination or passage of urine which contains more water than solids.



Kali Carb. 6 Frequent micturition at night; urging for urination, but urine is passed after much effort. Carlsbad 6: Passage of urine after drinking water. Ignatia 3: Urging for urine follow the drinking of coffee; micturition of hysterical women. Causticum 6 Diuresis of old men (especially at night). Squilla 2x; Copious or frequent diuresis; diuresis at night.

Try also—Acid Acetic 3, Nux Vom. 3, Cina 3x, Eupator, Perf. 2x. Avoid drinking after evening.


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