Homeopathic Remedies for Dyspepsia or Indigestion

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Dyspepsia or Indigestion

It means difficulty or disorder of digestion. It is not a disease but a symptom which may be presented by many different pathological states so that we may speak of —alcoholic, atonic, catarrhal, climacteric, chlorotic, diabetic, duodenal, gastric, intestinal, nervous, pancreatic or uraemic dyspepsia, according to the cause or seat of the disturbance of functions which occasions the trouble. There is either anatomical change or hindrance to the process of digestion or pain and discomfort. There may be ulcerations or wasting of mucus lining or dilatation of the stomach; there may be obstruction to the flow o,f bile and pancreatic juice or to the pyloric outflow. Those who are constitutionally psoric are prone to dyspepsia; in them there is relief of dyspepsia as soon as skin-troubles arise.



Nux Vomica 3x-30—Heaviness of stomach after meals; heart burn; flatulence; water-brash; frequent vomiting of undigested food or bile; acid or bitter taste in mouth; drowsiness or lethargy after meals; morning headache; frequent ineffectual urging for stools; face yellowish; dyspepsia due to abuse of tobacco, alcohol or strong medicines. Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.)-30—Indigestion due to ingestion of much starchy food; water-brash; bitter taste in mouth; heart-bum; chilliness; palpitation after meals; Anemia; constipation; excessive venery. Pulsatilla 3—Heartburn, nausea, dry and rough tongue, frequent liquid evacuations; saltish; bitter or acid taste in mouth; indigestion after fatty-food. Abies Nigra 3x—Continuous distressing sensation about the stomach; sensation as if an undigested hard boiled egg in the stomach; pain in stomach after food; constipation; indigestion in old man. Natrum Phosph. 3x- 12 (trit.)—Acid eructation or vomits. Acid Sulphuric 3x- 30 (a principal remedy)—Heart-burn. Acid eructations, acid vomit, sour smell in sweat, hiccups, foetid blackish stools. Ars. 6—Burning sensation in stomach; indigestion from abuse of ice and ice-cream etc. Bryonia 6—Sensation of heaviness in stomach after meals; congestion; headache; lancinating pain in stomach; nausea; bitter or acid taste in mouth; summer diarrhoea, dyspepsia following abuse of Arsenic. Lycopodium 12, 30, 200—Frequent passing of flatus; drowsiness during the active period of digestion; flatulent distention of abdomen; constipation; rumbling of intestines on left side; debility; indigestion following hard study; atonic or a peptic dyspepsia. Carbo Veg. 3x. (trit.) 30—Eructation; flatulence; heart-burn; diarrhoea; headache; weakness; dyspepsia of the aged and chronic dyspepsia [Tasteless water-brash or eructations with foetid odour or with hot or bitter taste, with alternate diarrhoea and constipation—Carbo Veg. 3x (trit.)] Antim Crude. 6-Indigestion, loss of appetite, heaviness at pit of stomach; vomiting of mucus or bile; foul smelling flatus discharge; Eructations, smelling of food; alternate diarrhoea and constipation; inflammation of urinary bladder (cystitis). Phosphorus 30—In chronic dyspepsia with acid eructations or vomit; tongue coated white; ravenous hunger, China 3x-200—Dyspepsia following malaria or chronic drinking habit, running on to cirrhosis of liver. Merc. Sol. 6 (trit.) or Actcea Racemosa 6—Indigestion following long tea-habit. Plumbum 6-200—Dyspepsia of anaemics, with eructations and pain in stomach. Nux. Mosch. 2x-6—Dyspepsia due to suppression of skin- diseases. Weak digestion, especially in the aged. Craving for highly seasoned food. Nausea with great inclination to sleep. Colic immediately after eating. Hepar Sulphur 6, 12— Chronic dyspepsia with inabiltiy to digest anything. Sulphur 30—Acid belching; heaviness at pit of stomach; drowsiness after meals; swelling and ulceration on lips and face. (Sulphur 30 in the morning and Nux 30 at evening has, according to some authorities, cured many cases of dyspepsia). Calc. Carb. 6, 12, 30—Chronic dyspepsia with eructations, hyperacidity of stomach; acid vomit or belching. lodium 6, Petroleum 6 have sometimes been useful.

Water-brash—Carbo Veg. 3x (trit.), Bryo, 6, Nux Vom. 30, Lyco. 12.

Heart-bum Calc. Carb. 3x, Carbo Veg. 6.

Foul-smelling eructation—Carbo Veg. 6, Sulph. 30.

Acid eructation—Acid Sulph. 3-6.

Dyspepsia from over-eating or abuse of (1) Fatty food or too much water: Puls. 3-6 (2) White of an egg or wines, coffee or opium: Nux Vom. 3-30. (3) Milk: AEthusa 6. (4) Acid stuffs Antim Crude 6. (5) Salted fish or meat or butter: Carbo Veg. 6 (6) Ice or Ice-cream: Ars. 6. (7) Tea: China 6. (8) Curries Sepia 6. (9) Table salt Phosph. 6. (10) Water-melon, or polluted water Zincum 3x-6. (11) Fruits in excess. Ars. 6. [If however the undigested fruits are passed out with burning pain of the abdomen, China 3].

General Rules

  • Diet — Eat only when hungry. Slowly masticate each mouthful and eat only as much as will satisfy the hunger. Do not eat immediately before or after fatiguing exertions, sleep or heavy drink. Avoid—stale, unripe, overripe, half done food, rich food and excess of any kind of food—Avoid fatiguing exertions, night-keeping, late dinners, sleeping immediately after meals or sleeping in the daytime; avoid tea, coffee, smoking tobacco or taking snuff; avoid taking ice or ice-creams at any time; avoid drinking much fluid at or within four hours of meals; do not take soda-bicarb or aerated water or cold or coconut water within 4 hours of meals. Any drink in small sips at intervals is allowed after meals-but never should quantities of it be indulged in. Intelligently study which articles of diet disagree and eliminate them.
  • Well-regulated and regularly taken exercises are the best means of cutting dyspepsia permanently, provided the above points are carefully attended to.
  • Dahi (curd) is a good anti-fermentative if taken in small quantities but gives rise to its own fermentation if taken in bulk or frequently.
  • A change of climate to some healthy place is of great benefit.

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