Homeopathic Remedies for Embolism, Thrombosis

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Embolism, Thrombosis

If a fragment of blood clot or portion of any tissue (called an embolus) passes into the circulation, it travels until it reaches some part which is too narrow to allow its passage. There it sticks and obstructs the circulation, causing local bleeding and impairment of function, while if it is charged with septic matter, an abscess will result.


If blood is confined to a certain part of a vessel or the inner wall of a vessel is diseased, blood begins to clot locally. The clot thus formed is called thrombus.

Thrombosis and embolism give rise to apoplexy (if inside brain), to St. Vitus’ Dance, to gangrene (if at the extremities) or to sudden difficulty of breathing (if inside the heart).


Calc. Ars. 6x (trit.), Apis 3, Opium 3x-30, Kali Mur. 3.


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