Homeopathic Remedies for Enuresis

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Owing to partial paralysis of the muscles of urinary bladder or weak mentality or want of proper straining, children may make water in bed. In adults, urine dribbles out—and in them the causes chiefly are injuries due to delivery, stone, worms, gonorrhoea, etc.



Inability to control urine Ferrum Phosph. 12x. In the old or in children; Cantharis 6. Due to enlarged prostrate or to some in the bladder: Gels. 6. Due to hysterical fit in women; Ignatia 6. Due to worms (in children); Cina 3x or Spigelia 6 or Rhus Aromatic. (m. 5 per dose). Due to spermatorrhoea Acid Phosph. 6-30.

Try also—Erigeron 2, Bell. 6, Nux Vom. 3, Merc. Sol. 6. Avoid the diets that cause urine to be irritating e.g., meat, spices, rich food. Avoid drinks at or about bed-time and cold water, tea, coffee, milk, etc. Avoid cold baths and heavy warm clothings at bed-time or too soft bed. Do not lie on the back. Make a habit of passing urine late in the night.


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