Homeopathic Remedies for Gastralgia (Pain in Stomach)

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Gastralgia (Pain in Stomach)

It commences with a tearing pain after meals, followed by acid or bitter belching and is relieved by vomiting.



Nux Vomica 6-30 Pain after meals in the stomach or on sides of abdomen; nausea or vomiting with spasms; headache; constipation; flatulence; lassitude. Ars. 6-30; Vomiting after food or drink; stabbing sensation in stomach; restlessness; weakness; aggravation at night. Magnesia Phosph. 3x (trit.), [in hot water] Intense pain in abdomen. Chamomilla 6, 12: Sense of pressure and pain in stomach at night; bitter or acid vomiting. Colocynth 6 Sensation of goneness and burning in stomach at night; yellow bitter vomit; flatulence.

Try also: Acid Hydro. 6, Dioscorea Ө-30, Cocculus 6, Carbo Veg. 30.


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