Homeopathic Remedies for Gonorrhea

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Gonorrhea is the result of cohabitation with one suffering from the disease and is characterized by inflammation of the urethra in the male or vagina in the female, with discharge of pus therefrom. It is general when after several weeks, Anemia and local cauliflower like excrescences occur on the genital; it is local, when nothing of the kind occur. Both are contagious but are due to different kinds of viruses. (For two kinds of Gonorrhea, vide Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases, Kent’s Lecture on Homoeopathic Philosophy).


Generalized Infection on Real Gonorrhea

It is caused by the ‘gono-coccus’ germ getting into the urethra or the conjunctiva of the eyes. The usual means whereby gono-coccus from the urethra of one suffering from it is transferred to a healthy individual by sexual act or by careless use of soiled personal linen belonging to a sufferer. In the male, the urethra, and in the female, the vagina are the usual seats of disease. It may in the latter, extend to the rectum.

Within 25 to 48 hours of infection, the meatus (or the orifice of the male urethra) becomes itchy and red and, very soon, the passage of urine becomes very painful. The inner lining of the urethra becomes inflamed and ulcerated, discharging at first thin and then thick greenish pus. Simultaneously there constantly occur erections of the penis, tenderness of the testicles and bubo, and severe smarting on attempting to micturate. In the case of the female, all these occur with reference to the vagina.

Roughly speaking, in the male, the—

1st Stage—lasts 2 to 3 days and is characterized by thin whitish discharges.

2nd stage—lasts 2 to 8 weeks and is characterized by thick creamy purulent discharges.

3rd Stage—lasts 3 weeks or so, and is characterized by thick muco-purulent discharges.

The fourth stage is called the gleet stage and it may last an indefinite period. The second period is the most painful one. It is important to remember that while syphilitic pains are aggravated at night, those due to gonnorrhoea are aggravated in the day time.

Complications: Chordee (painful erections), balanitis, phimosis, Paraphimosis, orchitis, vaginitis, bloody urine, warts, ophthalmia, rheumatism, stricture (or narrowing) of the urethra, retention of urine.


At the onset—Sepia 30. During inflammation or 2nd stage Aconite 3x (fever and early stage of inflammation). Cannabis Sativa Ө Inflammation subsiding, frequent urination, pus in urine, blood in urine, much smarting.

During decline stage—At first Thuja 6: 30; then Acid Nitric 6-30 (especially if much mercury has been already used). In the gonnorrhoea of females; Copaiba 3x, Sepia 30.


Balanitis—Merc. Sol. 6, local application of Calendula Ө (m. 10 in 1 oz. of water).

Phimosis—Merc. Sol 6, Guaiacum 2x; local application of Hamamelis Ө (m. 2 in 1 oz. of water). If necessary, have recourse to surgery.

Paraphimosis—Merc. Sol. 6 and local application of Hypericum (m. 2 in 1 oz. of water).

Orchitis—Phytolacca 3, Clematis 3.

Vaginitis—Carbo Veg. 6, Puls. 6.

Bloody urine—Cantharis 3x.

Rheumatism—Thuja 30, Phytolacca 3 (due to Gonorrhea), Puls 6 (due to sudden stoppage of discharge), Bryonia 6, Acid Nitric 6-30.

Gleet—Thuja 30, Acid Nitric 6.

Urethral irritation—Hydrastis Ө (1 part in 10 parts of water).

Stricture (or narrowing of the urethra): Cantharis 3x-3. Try catheter and follow its use by Arnica 3.

Rest in bed is essential. Riding on horse-back or on cycle is particularly injurious. Avoid constipation, meat, eggs, spices, rich or stale foods, hard labour, drinking alcohol, tea or coffee, smoking or chewing tobacco. Take freely plain or coconut water, sharbat, linseed tea, fruit-juices, milk, etc. Use a loose suspensory bandage and dip the penis frequently in hot water.

(Homoeopaths are of opinion that real syphilis and Gonorrhea can attack a man only once in his life-time. See Appendix B).

Localized Gonorrhea

This is an acute disease, in as much as it’s onset, acute stage and decline stage. Real or generalized Gonorrhea is on the other hand a constitutional disease. A vims is the cause of this form of Gonorrhea; It is locally inocculated and remains a local trouble; a few weeks later, if in addition there are muco-purulent discharges from the urethra, and no cauliflower-like watery growths locally, and the patient does not become anaemic, we may safely assert that the disease is Localized. This disease is very amenable to treatment and is very common in this country.


Petroselinum Ө m. 5 daily. If this fails try these: — Discharge is bloody Cantharis 3x. Discharge is milky: Copaiba 3x. Discharge is sticky and colourless: Cannabis Sativa 3x. Mucous discharge Capsicum 3. Purulent discharge: Natrum Mur. 30. Yellow discharge: Hepar Sulphur 30, Greenish discharge: Thuja 30. Alubumen-like or pinkish discharge: Petroselinum 30. Foul-smelling discharge: Carbo Veg. 6.

(If health has broken down owing to use of Allopathic medicines, use medicines indicated under ‘Drug disease’ Adopt the general measures indicated under the treatment of Generalized Gonorrhea).


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