Homeopathic Remedies for Hypertrophy of Heart

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Hypertrophy of Heart

Anatomical Considerations: The heart is a hollow muscular bag, of the size roughly of one’s own fist. The rule with every muscular organ is that, if graduated exercise is taken, muscles develop—i.e., hypertrophy. Such muscles increase in volume and strength and are capable of greater exertions within certain limits. If on the other hand, the exertions are sudden and violent, the muscle fibres become flaccid, weak and overstretched. Those who get hypertrophy, i.e., an abnormal development of the heart- muscles acquire an abnormal conditon in which the heart is yet capable of undergoing exertions within certain limits. Those who get dilatation have got a condition in which the heart-muscles are giving up.



The size of the heart is enlarged; its action is more forcible, as found by putting the palm against the left nipple. Palpitation, sometimes a painful sensation in the region of the heart, hacking cough especially on exertion, getting out of breath on exertion, quick weak pulse—are some of the symptoms.


Avoid worry, muscular exertions beyond normal, and over eating or drinking. If the action of the heart is quickened and forcible, there is pain in the left side, difficulty in breathing Aconite 3. Muscles of the heart are weak, dizziness, tendency of faintness, palpitation and breathlessnes on exertion, pain below sternum or breast-bone; Digitalis 3. Heart is dilated, pulse imperceptible, difficulty in breathing, makes talking and lying down difficult; exhaustion; sleepiness; swelling of feet and ankels; palpitation; breast-pang; Cactus 1x. Those who use their arms for violent exertion habitually (like boat-men who row) and thereby get hypertrophy of heart and breast-pang; Arnica 6.

Other medicines recommended Spigelia 6, Ars. 6.


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