Homeopathic Remedies for Inflammation of The Brain and Meninges (Encephalitis)

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Inflammation of The Brain and Meninges (Encephalitis)

We will describe inflammation of the meninges separately; but here we take collective view of the entire contents of the skull.


Symptoms: High fever, intense headache; delirium; flushed face; quick pulse; throbbing of vessels of neck and temple; constipation, nausea or vomiting; sleeplessness; contraction of pupils at the beginning and dilatation of them, during the height of the disease; inability to tolerate light while the pupils are dilated; gnashing of teeth; giddiness, difficulty in breathing; sour smelling urine.

Causes: Germs; hence it is found usually after measles, scarlet fever, influenza, and is found also after acute poliomyelitis.


In case of high fever, thirst, fear of impending death- Aconite 3x. Due to injury to head followed by high fever- Arnica 3-6. Fever with delirium, excitement, injected eyes- Belladonna 6-30. Rubbing the head against the pillow and sudden screamings-Apis 6-30. Intense headache, low muttering delirium, sudden starting amidst sleep—Bryonia 6, Helleborus 6 or Sulphur 30.


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