Homeopathic Remedies for Locomotor Ataxy

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Locomotor Ataxy

This is a syphilitic disease of the spine in which the patient does not feel the ground well and cannot walk properly.



In the initial stage—Secale 3, then Fluoric Acid 6. In syphilitic cases, Kali Iod. Ө or Nitric Acid 6. If patient is easily exhausted, Picric Acid 3. Hand tremulous and eye-sight is affected—Arg. Nit. or Phosph. 3.

Try also: —Nux Vomica 3, Aurum 3-200, Medorrhinum 200, Magn. Phos. 6x (trit.)—30, Alumen 6, Lycopodium 6, Ars. 3.


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