Homeopathic Remedies for Metrorrhagia

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If bleeding takes place independently of menstruation it is called metrorrhagia. Tumours of uterus, delayed or partial delivery of placenta, injuries, etc. are responsible for it. Profuse bleeding, exhaustion, loss of appetite, inability to sit or stand up, etc. are the principal symptoms. If the blood is scarlet red, it is arterial; if dark, venous.



If scarlet red blood is passed: Sabina 3x. If dark blood is passed Hamamelis 3x. If due to injury: Arnica. 3x. If occurs during menopause: Vinca Minor 3. If after Labor or abortion Secale 3. In chronic state Sulphur 30, Secale 30.

Try also—Arg. Nit. 6, Hyoscyamus 3, Lachesis 6 and medicines suggested under “Menorrhagia” and “Dysmenorrhoea.”


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