Homeopathic Remedies for Myelitis

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This is an inflammation of the whole part of the spinal cord due to injury, cold or infectious disease. There is at first a sense of constriction of the trunk, followed by paralysis of the limbs.



  • In accute attack
    1. Aconite 3—Much pain in the spine, fever, convulsions.
    2. Nux Vomica 3—Convulsions; hyper-sensitiveness.
    3. Cicuta 3—Severe convulsions and screams.
  • If the case is a chronic one
    1. Oxalic Add 3—Lower limbs stiff, pain and rigor.
    2. Arsenic 3—Contraction and loss of sensation of paralyzed limbs.
    3. Plumbum 3—If the case is very chronic one.

Put the patient in a soft bed (water or air bed, if possible) and apply cold to the spine.


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