Homeopathic Remedies for Nephritis

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Anatomy: One of the waste products of the body meant to be cast out is Urine. It is called urine because it holds in its solution among others; urea, the chemical which represents the waste materials. The urea and other constituents of urine are produced by two very important bean-shaped glands, called Kidneys—situated on either side of the lumber-spine on the back, just where the ribs end. The kidneys are made up of a very large number of specialized tubes and an enormous amount of blood-vessels packed on all sides of these tubules. After the kidneys have filtered out as it were all the harmful waste products of blood, the product (urine) is sent by means of two long narrow tubes called Ureters (one from each kidney) into a reservoir, called the Urinary Bladder, or simply ‘Bladder’ From this bladder urine is voided by means of a tube, called Urethra. These all constitute the urinary apparatus. There is a very definite functional inter-dependence between the kidneys, the skin and bowels—trio constitute the three chief excretory organs of the body. If one kidney is damaged, life is possible; but when both are damaged, life is impossible; for, all the waste products of the body accumulate in it, poison it, and ultimately kill it. In cold countries, where the skin is practically functionless, the kidneys are all important.


Nephritis means inflammation of the kidney. This disease is ushered in with fever, nausea, scanty or smoke-tinted or bloody or purulent urine, pain and burning sensation at the time of making water, pain in loins and spine, occasional suppression of urine, delirium, coma and even death.

Causes—After-effect of fevers; exposure to cold or damp; injury; intoxicating drink; abuse of irritating drugs as cantharides juniper, salicylates, mercury and alcohol.


Nephritis with fever due to exposure to cold and wet: Aconite 3x. Urine passed in drops, bloody urine ; testicles congested; pain in lower abdomen and smarting during micturition or suppression of urine Cantharis 3, Urine is dirty or bloody; testicles congested; urine suppressed; dropsy: Terebinthina 6. Frequent desire for micturition; stabbing pain in bladder; face and eyes congested; occasional delirium: Belladonna 6. Nephritis caused by getting wet: Dulcamara 3. Nephritis caused by hard drinking or dyscrasia: Nux Vom. 1x- 3x, Nephritis due to pregnancy: Merc. Cor. 6.

Try also—Ars. 30, Cannabis sat. 6, Lycopodium 30, Sepia 6, Sulphur 30.

The patient should be kept uniformly warm, in dry place. His diet should consist of slops—barley-water, fruit- juices, milk, whey (ghole), sharbats, aerated water. He should avoid meat, wines and spices. Omit salt from diet.


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